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Sign Ladainian Tomlinson??

f**k that, we got Glen Coffee.

Besides, I'd rather use one of our 1st rounders hoping to get Kory Sheets back.

Kory Sheets>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tomlinson
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It would look good in Madden, but I think it would mess with our team's chemistry. Gore wasn't too happy about Coffee being drafted last year, although he always gave the political answer when asked about it. Imagine how he would react if we brought Tomlinson in?

I hear a lot of people saying/posting this. Do you have the link? Cus I don't remember an instance where Gore was slated to be unhappy about the pick.

I recall a couple articles after the draft where the reporters interviewed Gore. Maybe you could dig them up. But I didn't get the impression that Gore was all too keen to see his playing time diminish. He wanted to be the sole RB.


I can't seem to find anything I really don't think it bothered him much especially with Raye and Sing telling him that he would be the focal point of the offense. Plus, I'm sure Gore understood that they needed depth since he has had injury problems and the team decided not to resign Foster.
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