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Also state your reason for wanting that matchup.

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The best matchup is Colts and Saints.

However my best friend being a Jets fan, i'm rooting for a Jets and Saints Superbowl.
Jets vs. Vikings so I don't have to worry about watching it.
COLTS and SAINTS and it's not close. The Jets, I just can't stand them because of Rex Ryan and their tampering ways. The Vikes, I rooted for them vs Dallas, but I'm not rooting for Favre past that. That guy almost singlehandedly ruined my childhood with all the dumb wannabe GB fans at school telling me how that guy owned the 9ers. UGH. No SB for Favre or Ryan please.
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Would love to see this match up, should be a pretty high scoring fun game. At no point would you ever feel your team is out of it, Brees vs. Manning, awesome. I would love to see the Saints win, that city would just explode.
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My step dad is a Jets fan and my mom is a Vikings fan so that would be an interesting matchup, but I don't like the cry-baby Rex Ryan and Brett Favre is a giant douche so I voted Saints vs Colts.
Colts vs Vikings Colts FTW
Saints/Colts because I think it would be the most exciting matchup. Plus I hate Favre and Rex Ryan is a f**king turd.
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Saints/Colts because I think it would be the most exciting matchup. Plus I hate Favre and Rex Ryan is a f**king turd.

100% this!

It was great to see Romo-Choko and the rest of the Girls get their asses handed to them today, as was the Tard dismantling yesterday.
Colts vs. Vikings.

I have no idea if it will happen.

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Colts v Saints

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I want to see the Saints beat the Colts in the Super Bowl.

  1. I hate the obnoxious Jets fans, obese Rex Ryan, overrated Mark Sanchez, and that entire organization's tampering with Crabtree.
  2. I rooted for the Vikings against the Cowpukes--for obvious reasons--but now I want Favre to get his. Along with Kurt/Brenda Warner, this douche ruined my childhood.
  3. I want to see the Colts get slaughtered by the Saints. Indianapolis' tanking their chance at a perfect season, as well as letting the Jets into the playoffs, still infuriates me.
  4. Lastly, I want something good for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Colts ---- Peyton is a class act.

Saints --- Have they ever been?
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Jets and Vikings... that would be pretty epic for Favre playing against a team he never even wanted to be on, on a team he was dying to play for the last 2 years. I also like Rex Ryan even though he has a huge mouth, he's good for that team.

Besides the Colts and Saints had no momentum going into the post season and I would prefer to see a rookie qb in the Super Bowl for the first time
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