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Peyton Manning - "God Damnit Donald" while running for his life...

Originally posted by Giggiddy:
This is so hilarious!!!!! LOL!! He sounds like Tom Hanks yelling there

yeah I thought he sounded like Hanks too
it's funny how Donald brown stops blocking and turns around lol
Donald fu*ked that up royally though LMAO
just goes to show how well he knows his offense and what each players responsibility is during every play.
Originally posted by MaliCali:
Originally posted by DarthNiner:

Peyton's awesome! He knew right away that pressure was going to come from his left because Donald Brown missed the assignment!


actually his tackle wiffed first...and Brown was expecting pressure obviously somewhere else...or was looking to sneak through on a pass..

lol The tackle wiffed. The Lg didn't even block anyone. at least donald and the rt help manning get the edge. haha
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Peyton Manning might be the best QB who ever lived. If he wins a couple more rings, then I'd have to give the nod to him.
Originally posted by crzy:
Peyton Manning might be the best regular season QB who ever lived, if he wins 3 more SB's he might be the best QB ever.

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