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pre-divisional round playoff thread

Originally posted by pelos21:
I hate the Cowboys more than Favre so I will be rooting for the Vikings.


and GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!! Beat the tards
Originally posted by Chief:

Weekend of the C teams.
The cowboys with Rhomo Cards with Warner and the Viks with Favre that right there makes me want to puke looks like I have to go Saints

The jets with fat Rex and SD with Norv also makes me want to vomit so eh Colts or Ravens I guess.

Cardinals@ Saints 1:30 PT
I would like to see the Saints destroy the Cards in the same fashion as the 9ers did.

Ravens @ Colts 5:15 PT
I think the Ravens have a shot the Colts were 24th in rush D (the lions were 25th) if they can treat Manning like Brady and Flaco doesn’t screw it up? Don’t really care hope it’s a good game.

Cowgirls @ Vikings 10:00AM PT
I want to see Jared Allen sack Rhomo 10 times and make his brain hurt.

Jets @ Chargers 1:40 PT
Eh can this one just end in a tie and give the super bowl to the Colts or Ravens?
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