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betting on the niner, eagle game..

My buddy wants to bet against the Niners and put 100$ on the Eagles. I said the spread that the Eagles win and their chances is much higher than the Niners. So i countered and said I will put 50 on SF and you put 100 on Phi. Should i do it? I can turn that 50 into 150 or just lose 50, and he can turn that 100 into 150 or lose 100.
tell him to bet his house
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Considering the weather may be really bad, 8.5 is a lot of points. I noticed a lot of betting sites saying to the Niners and the points. Other than ATL SF hasn't lost by that much all year. I wouldn't take SF to win, but would be tempted to take the points.
just bet the spread, instead of trying to come up with an uneven bet
yeah i meant the spread, not the game.. I think SF can do it, but IDK it might be an ugly loss first time since ATL
it's a toss up man.. you can't really predict what the niners will do

they have been up and down all season
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Originally posted by valrod33:
tell him to bet his house
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The money line on the Niners is +300, your $50 in Vegas would get you $150 profit, asking him to put up $100 against $50 is cutting him a deal.
The niners are 2nd in the NFL ATS this year. Id take that bet.

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Originally posted by MadMartz:
The niners are 2nd in the NFL ATS this year. Id take that bet.

hmmm.. interesting.. i would have thought that would be the opposite

Adam Meyer (pro handicapper) said on KNBR today that the Niners definitely cover the spread against the Eagles, and he would not be surprised if they won outright.

He predicted Eagles 28, Niners 24.

He also mentioned the potential weather conditions favored the 49ers, not the Eagles. I guess because of Westbrook being out.

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Take the spread and buy 2.5 points. There is no way they lose by more than 10.

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