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Who do you root for other than our niners?

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Whoever plays the Panthers!
Peyton and the Colts! Gotta admit, that guy is a great QB
I really don't cheer for any team per se but I appreciate it when I see good football. The year the Patriots almost went undefeated, I was liking how efficient they were playing. But when BB started over doing it and pouring it on to obviously less talented teams, that I didn't like. BTW, I wanted the Giants to beat them in the SB.

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Whoever helps our pick.
Originally posted by Fincham11:
Any team that plays New England, Pittsburgh, or Dallas that week.


Just kidding.
i was rooting 4 Arizona last super bowl...i did not wanna see Pittsburgh hoist that 6th Vince Lombardie trophy!....we were the 1st to 5!...i wanted us to b the 1st to 6!

also i didn't wanna see the Pats win it all 2 yrs ago! i also rooted for the NY Giants!
Originally posted by Mustangstud49:
EAGLES. No one gives Mcnabb respect but all he does is win and put up numbers. Id like to see him win a ring.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Anyone that plays Carolina, and anyone with a worse record than Carolina.

The Panthers are now 5-8, and still have to play the Giants, Vikings and the Saints. At best, they are going to be 6-10. Top 10 pick all the way.


Amen. I live in North Carolina and would ordinarily root for the Panthers against any team but the Niners. This year I am hoping that the Panthers end up 5-11.

I also root for any team playing against the Raiders.
No one! that's crazy, It's 49ers or nothing. If you're cheering for another NFL Team then you are not at true 49er fan.

I root for Indi and Seattle when they dont face us
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Im in SoCal so Chargers.
I don't like any other team. I do root for other players tho. I love me some Peyton, and I am growing an affinity for Aaron Rogers, even though I traditionall hate the Packers...
I don't root "for" anyone so much as I root "against" some teams. I will always root against:


I used to have the Packers on this list, but then I realized it was more about Farve than the Pack. So f*ck the Vikes, too!

The highlight of my post season is now watching these teams either get beat in the playoffs or fail to get there in the first place. I look forward to the day rooting for my own team (rather than relishing the misery of other fans) returns as my favorite post season activity.
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no one f**k this thread

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