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Who do you root for other than our niners?

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Whoever plays the Panthers!
Peyton and the Colts! Gotta admit, that guy is a great QB
I really don't cheer for any team per se but I appreciate it when I see good football. The year the Patriots almost went undefeated, I was liking how efficient they were playing. But when BB started over doing it and pouring it on to obviously less talented teams, that I didn't like. BTW, I wanted the Giants to beat them in the SB.

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Whoever helps our pick.
Originally posted by Fincham11:
Any team that plays New England, Pittsburgh, or Dallas that week.


Just kidding.
i was rooting 4 Arizona last super bowl...i did not wanna see Pittsburgh hoist that 6th Vince Lombardie trophy!....we were the 1st to 5!...i wanted us to b the 1st to 6!

also i didn't wanna see the Pats win it all 2 yrs ago! i also rooted for the NY Giants!
Originally posted by Mustangstud49:
EAGLES. No one gives Mcnabb respect but all he does is win and put up numbers. Id like to see him win a ring.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Anyone that plays Carolina, and anyone with a worse record than Carolina.

The Panthers are now 5-8, and still have to play the Giants, Vikings and the Saints. At best, they are going to be 6-10. Top 10 pick all the way.


Amen. I live in North Carolina and would ordinarily root for the Panthers against any team but the Niners. This year I am hoping that the Panthers end up 5-11.

I also root for any team playing against the Raiders.
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No one! that's crazy, It's 49ers or nothing. If you're cheering for another NFL Team then you are not at true 49er fan.
I root for Indi and Seattle when they dont face us
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Im in SoCal so Chargers.
I don't like any other team. I do root for other players tho. I love me some Peyton, and I am growing an affinity for Aaron Rogers, even though I traditionall hate the Packers...
I don't root "for" anyone so much as I root "against" some teams. I will always root against:


I used to have the Packers on this list, but then I realized it was more about Farve than the Pack. So f*ck the Vikes, too!

The highlight of my post season is now watching these teams either get beat in the playoffs or fail to get there in the first place. I look forward to the day rooting for my own team (rather than relishing the misery of other fans) returns as my favorite post season activity.
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no one f**k this thread

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