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Who do you root for other than our niners?

This year, any team that plays Carolina.
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Come playoff time, I root for the team with the least amount of SB wins and or SB losses. I have no specific "other" team. The niners are my only love.

Agree with these thoughts to be honest. Started to develop a small inkling for San Diego and then Norv upped sticks, so stuff them!

Is this English?

Which bit are you struggling with?

I used to have a small liking (inkling) for San Diego
But then, Norv left us (upped sticks) for them
So f**k (stuff) them
Originally posted by BHulman:
This year, any team that plays Carolina.

haha ya i watch the score closely with every Carolina game lol and my second fav team is anyone who is playing the POS cowgirls
No such thing as a "second team" really.

However, I think you can "like" another team, but only truly love one.

Love - 49ers.
Like - Lions. Hey, they're always the underdog, and it's fun to root for the underdog. It'd be cool to see them finally make it to the Super Bowl.
Tiger Woods?

Oh, hang on, he doesn't need anyone doing any extra rooting for him...
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Originally posted by Tru2RedNGold25:
Who ever plays against the Cowgirls & the Traiders.

And anybody that plays our division rivals.
I've tried adapting to the thought of having a second team, but once San Fran's season goes down the crapper, football (altogether) just seems very abysmal for me from that point going forward.

Seriously, I don't know what hurts more, watching your favorite team suck up another year, or watching another team doing all the things you wish yours could functionally do?

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Originally posted by Fincham11:
Any team that plays New England, Pittsburgh, or Dallas that week.

exactly... AND anyone playing the PANTHERS... Come on top 10 pick!!
Anyone that plays Carolina, and anyone with a worse record than Carolina.

The Panthers are now 5-8, and still have to play the Giants, Vikings and the Saints. At best, they are going to be 6-10. Top 10 pick all the way.

I root for the broncos, cowboys, packers to lose... no matter who they are playing.

I dont think i root for any other team though, maybe for some of my fav players like LT, Drew Brees, etc.

any given Sunday: Anyone playing the following teams Dallas, Green Bay, and the Steelers

This year: Anyone playing Carolina, Arizona and the above mentioned teams
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Originally posted by Fincham11:
Any team that plays New England, Pittsburgh, or Dallas that week.

Those plus my fantasy guys.
I used to like watching the Bengals, all offense and no defense.
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no one f**k this thread

once the playoffs start when the niners are officially done.. the cardinals or the vikings. i always liked the cards when they were in the nfc east, was a big pat tilman fan when he was LB at arizona state... Remember when the cardinals beat dallas in the playoffs after the 97 season anyone?
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