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Your favorite non-Niners of all time?

Terrell Owens
Peyton Manning

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Barry Sanders
Earl Campbell
Lester Hayes
Ken Stabler
Walter Payton
Dick Butkus
Steve Largent
Dave Casper
Originally posted by Chief:
Barry Sanders

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Derrick Thomas, Drew Brees, Darrell Green, Ray Lewis
Tom Brady
Jerome Bettis
Ray Lewis
Ed Reed
Peyton Manning
Originally posted by chimp914:
Originally posted by Chief:
Barry Sanders

For me, by far, it's Barry Sanders. On that piece of ch!t team for his whole career, he still busted out ridiculous stats and amazing football, year after year. Watching him was literally like watching a video game. I was constantly doing this

The CUTS!!!

Can you imagine if he was on Dallas his whole career and had that 90's O-Line blocking for him?
Former Player - Barry Sanders
Current Player - Drew Brees
Barry Sanders All Time

Chad Johnson Now

Barry Sanders
Andre Reed
Thurman Thomas
Tom Brady
I haven't been watching football for too long, so my list is:
1. Ray Lewis
2. Chad Johnson

Jim Thorpe....
The Sandman hands down my Fav None 49er player

Mr Shake N bake himself........


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