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Who's your least favorite player in the NFL?

Originally posted by bayarealuv:
okay.. i understand why ya'll hate dockett so much now.. at this quote

"i don't think it's anything they did.. we lost this game ourselves"

really?? really??? don't front cuz you got your a55 handed to you.. playerrrrr

The dude's a f**king douche.

Did anyone notice him talking s**t to Rachal after the last play of the game last night?

F**k this turd - quite easily one of the players I dislike most in the NFL.

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Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:

The Biggest Fraud in the League . . . Gomer Romo . . . .

Cortland Finnegan is up there too.
hines ward, can't stand him smiling after he cheap shots someone
Favre, Warner, Hasselbeck, Shockey.
I hate these guys equally

Dockett, Shockey, Romo, Brady, Moss, J. Russell, J. Porter
Top 5 least favorite NFL players:

5. Darnell Dockett, DL, Arizona

Vastly overrated, gets away with quite a few late hits, and runs his mouth like a hooker that gets paid in food stamps.

4. Harvey Dahl, OL, Atlanta

Cheap shot master who can't seem to understand there's a difference between being tough and being a douche. You can guess which one he is...

3. TO, WR, Buffalo

Don't even need to explain why...but once again, not good enough for #1 overall for anything in his life.

2. Tom Brady, QB, NE

Went to a rival HS, doesn't deserve the Montana references, and would much rather be a model than a football player (don't let the one liners fool ya). Go do your Zoolander deal Brady so we don't have to listen about the Patriots every 10 seconds on ESPN b/c you got another model pregnant or forgot to send flowers to Belicheat.

1. Rocky Bernard, DL, NYG

Cheap-shotting, late hitting, lazy no good S.O.B. who deserves no part in the NFL.

My reasons may not be thorough or to anyone's liking, but they are my least favorite players...
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
I hate these guys equally

Dockett, Shockey, Romo, Brady, Moss, J. Russell, J. Porter

I like Jamarcus "Tubbs" b/c he robbed Al davis of 30 some-odd million dollars in guaranteed money. Not to mention, he robbed the Oakland Raiders of any future at QB for the next few years
Let me just give my top 3.

1. Albert Haynesworth -- as great a player he is, his head-stomping act was unforgivable.
2. Mark Roman
3. Flozell Adams

Jeremey shockey
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don't know what it is about these two, but i just hate the sh*t out of them
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