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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Can we trade owners?

You want Al? You serious?
Louis Murphy looks like a gamer. I bet no one was happier that Russell was benched than Murphy.
Originally posted by golfing9er:
Mark Roman for the Pigeon



Originally posted by Thizz415:
Originally posted by teeohh:
Michael Bush for Glen Coffee

good one besides the obvious ones.

Yeah i like that as well.

Nate Davis for Seymour
Snyder for Barnes
Originally posted by krizay:
Well, 21 N. Asomugha for Spencer/Harris/Bly is easy.
Seymour for Soap also easy
Gallery for Rachal easy
Kirk Morrison for Spikes easy
Higgins over what ever we throw out there at PR. easy

Mario Henderson for Snyder. Can't be any worse.
Huff for Goldson
Thomas Howard for Haralson

I'd do McFadden for Gore. But Fargas listed as starter so don't know if it qualifies.

Argument could be made for Zach Miller over Vernon Davis. Not that I'm expecting this argument to be made from this site.

dude i think you're trippin...... z.mller over vd?............
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by JizzmasterZero:
a bag of cheetos for jamarcus truffles.

f**k that, the bag of Cheetos would have a higher passer rating, and we'd be the certain losers of that trade.

No way pal, that bag of Cheetos ain't going nowhere!

ya but russel could be that guard or tackle that we desperately need

Hell to the no if those cheetos are puffs. I will protest outside the santa clara office if Scott trades them away!

oh no, theyre definitely not puffs, they would have to give Jamarcus and two 1st rounders for the puffs cuz we franchised them
Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:
Seymour for Soap

Nnamdi for Nate

Murphy for Morgan

Yeah give me seymour him and justin smith would be so cool!
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Seymour for Soap

Nnamdi for Nate

I don't think any other position would clearly make the 49ers better except punt returner

Mark Roman for anybody

Maybe trade punters...

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Originally posted by domesik:
Originally posted by IdentityCrisis:
Clements for Nmandi no doubt

Done and DONE!

This would be no brainer
Originally posted by danimal:

I keed. sorta.



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