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Come back player of the year?

Come back player of the year?

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It will come down to can Vince Young win out and does Favre falter.
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Originally posted by teeohh:
it will probably be brady if he takes the pats to the playoffs, but it should be benson

I forgot all about him.
Oh yeah. east coast biased media+love affair with Brady+Boston sports homers at ESPN = CPOY
Really it should be Benson, he was literally nothing and out of football. the other guys have has success at some point.
Originally posted by Chief:
Cedric Benson
most like T. Brady
Benson would be the winner if he hadn't been hurt the last couple of games.

IMO, Young will win the award. He's been getting a lot of national attention lately.

Alex Smith. Why? Because I'm a biased niner fan.
Benson was almost out of the league. Young was at least there and expected to be the QB of the future.

I have to go with Benson, then Young, then Smith. But it could go either way.
If Vince Young somehow leads the Titans to a 9-7 or an incredible 10-6 year he would easily be the choice to win the award.
No Carson Palmer???
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Last year, Antonio Bryant should have won CPOTY instead of Pennington, because Bryant had a huge season after a year of being out of football entirely (he was not even on an NFL team).

This year, Benson and Vince Young make a strong case, although Young has a stronger case because he's actually coming back from some form of success, while Benson's more of a breakout player of the year rather than a comeback player.

How can Favre be the "Come back" player, when he's never REALLY left?
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