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Week 15 flex scenario

Our win today made me think of this scenario.

The week 15 SNF game is the Vikes and Panthers. While the networks obviously love Favre, this game is probably not going to mean much with the Panthers falling out of contention and the Vikings probably having wrapped up the division and a first round bye by this tim.

IF the Niners stay in contention in the next two weeks, you think that NBC would flex the Niners/Eagles game into that slot? I know that Philly plays on NBC in Week 14, but I really only see 1 other game worth flexing (SD-CIN; I would guess that FOX would protect PIT-GB).

Maybe I'm getting my hopes up because I don't get to watch a lot of games on TV instead having to settle for crappy streams, but I also could see them bumping our game into the 4:15 doubleheader slot b/c the only 4:15 game is Tampa and Seattle - and that game sucks.
I doubt they move our game to that even if everything goes in our favor. Favre will probably bring in more viewers based on his name alone.
Be nice to see but all of the networks have a man crush on Farve. In all liklihood will get stuck watching the Vikes blow away Carolina.

I am so excited about listening to all the commentators drown on about how Farve can change the rotation of planets, stop global warning, cure cancer, and yea play football
No way Eagles get in there two weeks in a row
Originally posted by Method:
No way Eagles get in there two weeks in a row

favre would.
If Favre is a factor, don't plan on watching the Niners.
according to the world,

favre >> niners
As of right now I'd say they move the GB vs PIT game.
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