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Who will win Superbowl 44?

Who will win Superbowl 44?

Eagles vs. Patriots.
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Originally posted by BirdmanJr:

Hottest team in the league currently on a 10 game win streak.

I'd gladly put money down on the Bolts and Cards meeting in the SoopahBowl!
Eagles vs. Chargers

these teams are playing the best football in their respective conferences right now imo.
I just don't see Peyton Manning losing a game right now.
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I think it's colts can win this year

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Eagles vs either the Colts or the Bolts
Chargers Packers
Chargers vs Vikings
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Originally posted by BirdmanJr:

I said Chargers back in November and I'm sticking with my pick. LT needs to get a ring, and I think this may be their year.
I think it's going to be the Chargers against the Eagles, with the Chargers coming out on top. They both seem to be peaking right now, and the Chargers have had the Colts number recently.

I think the AFC championship game may be the Colts hosting the Chargers, and think the NFC championship game will be the Eagles VS Saints. I'd put the Packers in there maybe.

I think the Vikings and Bengals have peaked. Last night exposed the MLB and the Safeties for the Vikes. I think the Bengals have been riding an emotional roller coaster.

Teams I would be concerned about in the NFC are the Eagles, Packers, and I hate to say it but the Cowpukes.

In the NFC, I don't think the Patriots have the supporting cast on defense to get it done. The Colts keep winning games close, but the Chargers just kicking a**.

Of all the teams that are in the playoffs, I'd have to cheer for the Saints right now,
but think they have peaked are getting exposed against good running teams. They
have also not been able to run effectively lately.

And finally, f*** the Tards. I like Fitzand think they have a good coach, but other than that you can have the lot of them. Most of their defensive stars should be serving time.
Originally posted by King49er:
The Bengals are coming out of the AFC this year


Wonder how Brett would feel if it was a Jets vs Packers SB ?
Originally posted by blunt_probe:

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