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Vernon Davis

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Yeah...I don't think we're in a position to care about how a receiver catches the ball
No, he can't. He has zero catch radius. May as well have a 4' TE.
It is a confirmed webzone fact that Davis can only catch with his pinky toes.
why is this a thread?
His hands are average for a TE. The jumping for no reason thing is what bothers me. I know it's not going to change, so as long as he catches the ball, I'm OK with it.
His hands arent the problem. When he touches the ball hes good about actually hanging on to it. Its getting the ball thats the prpblem. The jumping and small catch radius can be annoying but the guy always comes through in thr clutch so...whatever.
Originally posted by cciowa:
when things start out,,,,"is it just me"', you know you are about to get a headache

I thought that was just me.
still questioning Vernon? lol
Does he catch the ball???? Then this SH** up!!!!
I pose a more serious question: When Vernon Davis wipes his ass, does he remain seated and reach between his thighs or does he stand up completely and swipe behind the back?

nope he is the Josh Morgan of TE's
Vernon gots hands dnt be silly folks
Originally posted by Bay2Bay9erAllday:
nope he is the Josh Morgan of TE's

But it came down like a punt.
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he pretty much jumps up for every catch, in an effort to place his torso behind the ball. it's a response to having little confidence in hands catching.

a natural-hands catcher snatches the ball with fluidity. few are great at it; vernon is far, far from that.
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If he is open and the ball is in the area from his waist to his shoulders he can catch it fine. You will hardly ever see him reach up high to catch a pass or catch one at knee level or lower. He also does not do well in traffic. Two of the interceptions in the Seattle game occurred because he just continued running the route while the defensive backs went for the ball while he just stuck out his hands and waited for the ball to come to him. Sherman went over him and he did nothing to go up for the ball. In both cases he was between the defensive back and the ball and the defensive backs went for the ball and he did not.
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