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Vernon Davis

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Oh the fake hammy when I suck trick

lol. I was actually hoping this was the case.
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I have no proof, but just my opinion, that Aldon and Kap aren't selfish, they both seem to be good people. Who want to be paid, but if it means taking 120M and losing Boldin/VD or both, or take 90-95M and keep VD and Boldin, your telling me Kap will be selfish and let the others go? Thats crazy.

I dunno, have you seen Kaep's shoe collection?
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Check urself N read what i wrote i never said anythin about boldin brooks or alot of others u listed ... Rogers gone yea pls davis gone yea pls

I agree with Rogers, but not Vernon. He is still a top 5 TE, and you wanna trade him because he couldn't get open last night, news flash, no one could. Just trade the whole team. And WTF is with the N instead of And?

Is really a few million to just trade Vernon gonna solve anything. Whats the purpose of trading Vernon. To give more money to Kap and Aldon. Who you dont know will or will not be selfish. Yes players want money. But not everyone is selfish.

Brady did take a large bonus, but helped the pats to get picks, and Amendola signed. Willis did it too to get draft picks signed. Mario too. So not all players are selfish.

Peyton didnt take less, because Denver had 30M+ in cap space in 2012, so they could absorb the 20M a yr hit. They still got Welker.

We are leaning on cap hell again, unless we do something. That doesnt however mean getting rid of your best players. Get rid of overrated guys like Rogers, and old guys like Goodwin, and Whitner.
My N is just how i do it N u aint tha 1st on here to b*tch about it just be thankful we dont text N u dont have to read how i spell other words N do my own style thing lol...who knows what will happen but my thoughts have nothing to do with age like u wanted to point out it has to do with we cant keep payin everyone N a 5+ millon dollar TE is alot overpriced to me when he aint making that many plays ...
I think Vernon would say different. Gronk makes 5M plus and makes plays. Correct me if I am wrong, but VD had 98 yards and 2 TDs in week 1, right? Or was that a mirage?

Gonzlaez, Witten, Gates, all make over 5M and are still top TEs.

Per YearPercent

Rob Gronkowski

Jason Witten

Vernon Davis

Antonio Gates

Jared Cook

Tony Gonzalez

Jermichael Finley

Zach Miller

Marcedes Lewis

Heath Miller

Greg Olsen

Owen Daniels

Martellus Bennett

Again nothing personal, but you seem more like a troll IMO. Just my opinion.
A troll what is that ??? Im not on here alit not sure what that means just join here this past off season after readin other mock drafts so i joined N add my own mock. ..make commects here N there but this place aint my life...
Tadwolf, I apologize, I just get pissed when someone assumes a player like Vernon isnt worth his pay. He is a pro bowl, and all pro player. You dont trade unless you need too. And we dont. Rogers will save over 6M. Others can restructure or extend like Justin did. Ray Mac, Vernon could, Aldon can lower his base salary in 2014, and use part of it as a signing bonus, the way Anthony Davis was extended. So it's not really taking away from anyone's salary.

I dont mean to sound arrogant, and never want to. But trust me, I understand the cap, and business side of the game. Kap will eventually get what he deserves. But he could very well help the team out. Vernon will become one of Kaps favorite targets. And he will want to see him kept. So in order to see him, and Boldin back, you take a little less. Players do it all the time.
The AB81Rules has spoken.

Vernon Davis is the most important receiving threat we have on this team.
Whatever works i dont know everythin about how tha nunberz work but hey if we're winnin N are in cap hell im all for it lol...
Is it just me or does Vernon Davis never use his hands to catch passes? For some reason, in order for him to catch the ball it has to hit him in the chest/stomach area first.

Obviously this is not a big problem, but it could be. Maybe this is why Vernon can only catch passes that are perfectly placed, which seriously inhibits Kaepernick's ability to get the ball to him.

Compared to other teams' tight ends, all Davis has is speed. Jimmy Graham has a great hands, which explains why he is a stud for the Saints. Gronk is amazing for the Patriots--although he is injured, and the Falcons got Gonzalez. These are just the teams I know off the top of my head, I am sure there are more.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but watch the film and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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what year is this?? 2007?
He has worked hard and gotten better with it. Asked to put a % on it? Hmmm... 73%.
he catch with his crack

I've seen him catch with his hands, but you're right, he does tend to body catch a lot. He's 8 years into the league, so that won't change. It's what he's most comfortable with.

It's not a big deal for me because Vernon is not a possession receiver. If he was, he'd need strong hands to frequently catch the ball. He's a big play threat. 3 to 5 catches a game for monster yardage. His hands are good enough for this role.
Terrell Owens was never a consistent Hands Catcher either... still an All Time Great.
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He looks too stiff out there (no pun)...He's has so much muscle that it makes him not limber; hence, the hands of stone. I love VD and even own his jersey but the dude drives me nuts on the easy wide open balls thrown his way. Made some great catches as a 49er but i'd trade him for Jimmy in a heart beat!

VD + a 7th rounder for Jimmy?
who the f**k cares? he's a pro bowl TE who puts up numbers.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
who the f**k cares? he's a pro bowl TE who puts up numbers.

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