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Vernon Davis

I hope he can mentor Vance.
i dont care what anyone says, in terms of raw talent, this guy is the best TE in the league, he is just unfortunate to be surrounded by a lot of talent and running favored offense.
No chance for Vernon. He is the best blocking TE amongst the starters, and he is the most dangerous big play TE, but he doesn't consistently get open on third downs and/or make contested catches to bail out his QB. Beyond that, his raw numbers are not great, and the HOF is voted on by sports writers, who rarely look beyond stats.
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Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
i dont care what anyone says, in terms of raw talent, this guy is the best TE in the league, he is just unfortunate to be surrounded by a lot of talent and running favored offense.

And poor route running, adjustment to the ball in the air, and aggressive hands catching. I love the guy, and he is the best blocker amongst starting TEs, but he is not the best all-around TE in the league (healthy Gronk or maybe Whitten, as much as I hate to say it), and he is CERTAINLY not the best receiving TE. He can make a defense pay for singling him up with a LB, though.
Not a first ballot but it's not out of the question.
It's highly unlikely.
VD is an Elite Talent but he was used more to block. If he had better QB play from 2006-2010, he'd definetly be a candidate for the HOF but the only way he gets in now is if Kape & him connect on some huge TD catches the next 3 to 4 years and we win a ring or 2 with VD being a huge centerpiece of the offense, which by the way can realistically happen.
HOF talent but not HOF numbers
No. Athletic Freak, but thats not enough.

Now if for some reason he and Kaep are able to develope a real chemistry over his remaining years, and hes able to snag a few records, than maybe, but still highly doubtful. He would have to have some insane numbers over the remainder of his career.
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Is this a smily face

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To Be Decided (TBD)

But, unless he has three or four monster years, I would say no.
depend on how many if any Superbowls he wins... I think he will be recongnized as a great overall and all around talent but he doesnt have the numbers to get in unless he goes off the next few year (could happen) but unlikely because we are going to try to spread the ball around... so the only way i seem him getting in is if he continues to dominate in the playoffs and wins multiple superbowls. Since i think he will do that I am voting yes but i am an optimist thinking we will win multiple superbowl in the next 5 or 6 seasons...we shall see.
I say if he can reach the thousand yard mark once or twice, have, at least, another two 10+ TD seasons AND a ring OR two, along with 2-3 more pro bowls, then possibly yes.
He and Gore have about the same chance of making it in. Minimally so...
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No. He has been in the league 8 years and still does not read defenses well nor run the short routes a good TE must runs when his QB is being blitzed. There are half a dozen better pass receiving TEs in the league that are better than Davis. Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzales (still), Gronkowski, Hernandez, Witten, Heath Miller, Zach Miller, are clearly better receivers now and that is what matters to the voters. oops, I left out Owen Daniels. All of these guys have been to the Pro Bowl the last two years while Vernon has played for Harbaugh. If he can't put up numbers in Harbaugh's system he is not likely to get into the HOF.

I like the guy and how he matured under Singletary, however, that is not enough. Coming out of college the knock was that he did not have the flexibility to be a good pass receiver. That knock still seems to be limiting factor.

Good football player. Character guy. Good teammate. Not HOF.
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