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Vernon Davis

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You just didn't see TE's like Vernon when Brent was's apples & oranges between the two. BJ was both Montana's and Young's favorite target over the middle...he was seemingly always open and rarely missed one. He was a plodder, which most TE's were in his day. Vernon is a space age guy who's got the size, strength and freakish speed. He'll be honored when he passes Brent up...

dude on a team that didnt use him as an extra lineman for for most of his career he wouldve broken everyones records by now. dude shoulda been the megatron of TE's but es either blocking or wide open and not getting anything thrown his way. hopefully kaep can get vernon some more shots to do damage next season because he really under utilized him since hes been the starter besides a couple games in the playoffs
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I loved Brent jones, he was awesome a Niner all pro. But let's get real here. Their is absolutely no comparison who the better TE is. Vernon Davis by a long shot. He is the most talented TE to ever done a football uniform in history period. He's capable of having a 2000 yard receiving season and 20 TD's. All he has ever lacked is a great qb and pass first offense

Tony Gonzalez says hi.

And Kellen Winslow Sr., Shannon Sharpe, Mike Ditka, and Ozzie Newsome said hey.

Lame!!! Vernon is still more gifted than them. None were as strong, fast, quick better blocker and deep threat. And those are some great TE's! VD is the true TE version of Shannon Sharpe I'm not the one who thinks Davis, as it stands right now, is the best TE ever. He's very good, Pro Bowl-caliber, but he's not even close to being "Best Ever", and jumping to catch the ball in his chest doesn't help his case, nor does his tendency to give up on passes.. "More gifted" =/= "better". And oh yeah, Dave Casper was pissed I left him off that list, he also wants to say wussup.
I never not once said Vernon was the best TE ever!! I said he is the most 'Gifted' TE ever!!!!!
One thing thats been great about Vernon tho, is that in the playoffs he becomes that top 6 pick.

Vernon has been one of the best TE's in the game the past few years, but his impact hasnt always been quantified. Its hard to get in for being a good blocker alone, and while hes easily one of the most dangerous receiving threats at his position today (and arguably ever) that hasnt always shown up on the stat sheet.

My question is, do you think hes on a HOF pace? Will he get in? What needs to be done? He should have better numbers now with a QB who will find him down the field more often. I think Vernon is a very special talent that doesnt come around very often, it would be sad not to see him immortalized.
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HOF talent... Not HOF numbers (so far).
his skillz have been under utilized by this team
I love the guy, but nah, not even close.
he has never broken 1000 yards receiving at this point in his career. HOF is a numbers game for the most part so probably not. the niners drafted the greatest physical talent ever at the TE spot and theyve been wasting him to be honest. i hope he and kaep can get it goin because VD cant be covered. in the playoffs the last two years hes been unstoppable
as one of the Hofers on this board, I say Davis will be a davis and not a hofer
If he was on the Saints, Packers, Patriots or any other team that throws a lot he would be. Hard for him to put up huge numbers in our offense. I'm hoping we start feeding him the ball more though now that teams have to account for Boldin and Crabtree.

He will have his jersey retired by the 49ers and get a red jacket but since he isn't Gonzalez, he won't don a gold jacket. I wonder if he could approach Shannon Sharpe numbers?
If he keeps playing at the rate he has there's a very good chance of his being in the HoF. He has been pretty healthy and with an off season to work together he and CK may be dynamic this year and going forward. I would call him a great player rather than a great TE though. Goes beyond a TE.
He doesn't have the numbers to get in. He's not even the best TE in the league.
Hes has been a monster in the postseason, which really helps a players case. Hes still young so I think its possible. He has around 4300 yards, I think if he goes over 10,000 with more big playoff performances and a ring or two, it will happen. With Kaepernick throwing to him, I dont think that is out of reach.
No chance.
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