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Vernon Davis

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I must say, I'm starting to be impressed.

Good game/year Vern!

Krizay's chick logged in and posted this...there's no way that he'd post anything positive about VD...say it ain't so...

Somebody hacked his account. Or else he is drinking...
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Vernon wired at the Pro Bowl
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"Since he does have some limitations in terms of his route-running and a lack of lateral game, we feel he’s already reached his ceiling, but he’s clearly a nice player and fantasy option."

does it ring true? alot of you guys have seen al his games since his rookie year. has his route running improved considerably since then or is it just the skinny post he runs so well?
Vernon's twitter right now says this:

Hey did y'all hear that @shawnemerriman was in group c on southwest with a chili dogg in his hand.
wonder what that means lol
You have lost all your credibility
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This might have already been brought up before. Is it just me, or has Vernon Davis gotten alot slower? Remember, he ran a 4.38 40. With that kind of speed, even cornerbacks would have a hard time matching his speed, let alone his 6'4 size and 250 lb frame. IMO, he should have more success than Randy Moss ever did because he's matched up against slow linebackers or small safeties. When I see him not getting any separation, or getting tackled by linebackers, I'm just dumbfounded. Dude has the almost the speed of Ted Ginn! What is going on!?!?!?

I'm not knocking the guy. He's actually my 2nd favorite player on offense (after Gore of course). I just see so much potential.
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It's just you.

What the hell are you talking about? He's the most explosive player on our team. He had 2 TD's in the last game. Do you watch the games?.....
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LOL. There are always some of you that always miss the point. Where in that last game did he show dominating speed? That fade route against s**ty safety Wending? That TD where he juked the defense?

If you READ, I was talking about his SPEED.

Let's think about it logically. He is supposedly almost as fast as Ginn. He is as tall and has a much bigger frame than Randy Moss. He's a TE matched up against eitherslower linebackers and slower safeties, not cornerbacks. He has the tools and athleticism to be the best TE to ever play the game, without contest. But, yet he hasn't dominated the game like Randy Moss has. Yes, he's a great TE, but READ: I said DOMINATING as in there is no contest, as in throw it when he's covered by a line backer and safety, and he'll still come up with the ball because of his spead and height. As in, even cornerbacks can't catch up to him to make the tackle.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
What the hell are you talking about? He's the most explosive player on our team. He had 2 TD's in the last game. Do you watch the games?.....

2TD in a game = Dominating? What the hell are you talking about? Do you even know what football is? Go watch some Charger games.
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he ran past a corner on the deep pass vs lions, but couldnt bring pass in----though his vertical leap has probably gone down
This thread is the most unutile I have ever read!!! Vernon is as explosive as ever. He leads the NFL in TD receptions this year! This thread is screaming Lock! Lock! Lock!
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