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Vernon Davis

You better believe we need VD with not much production from the #2, 3 and 4 WRs. Williams and Hunter out for the season, Manningham out for now... Walker is doing ok but he isn't reliable. We can't expect Crabtree and Gore to carry us every week. James will help out some but still need more from other guys. I'd like to see Walker stop dropping balls, more plays called just to get the ball in VD's hand even if it's for a few yards to get him in the game, more deep balls to Moss, more
slants and quick throws... get the ball in Manningham, James and Crabtree's hands in the open field, get Jenkins on the field and Ginn off (at wr for sure) and maybe a few more plays to get miller the ball.
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They're saving his plays for the post season. I don't think its too difficult to pick up on. Come playoffs it will be seem routes, wheels, digs, out routes, post routes, option routes, screens and split-out wide fades.

Killin my fantasy production from the TE spot tho.

No. Not realistic in the slightest. Anytime a players production slides a round here, the excuse is that they are being saved for the playoffs. Thats simply proposterous. Hes having an off year, doesnt have great chemistry with Kaep, Roman doesnt seem to be intent on getting him the football, and he is being used primarily for blocking for the young QB.

Its a bit of everything, but is certainly having an off season. I love VD so please dont try to twist my words. He is simply having an off year due to all of the above, and even with AS at QB he as having an off year.
Well what if he has another playoff performance like last year? Will you still say its unrealistic when they start drawing up or calling plays that target him, because thats what I think will happen.
You can't just shove me into a collective group that you have obvioulsy made up, because since iv'e been reading on this site going back to 2005 (7 years) this team has only been to the playoffs once and tell me who they were saving last year since you have such a strangle hold on the topic.

That ole boy Davis is having a hard time catching Number 7's passes, they get there pretty quick and when they get there it seems like they wanna fight. He just barley learned how to catch Smith's passes and now he's working with what seem to be hot potatoes on these intermediate throws.

Im not disagreeing that he needs to be used in the playoffs. And i hope he has some great performances like he did last post season. But the idea that they are saving him in the regular season, so that he can be some sort of anomoly in the playoffs is absurd. Teams gameplan for him each and every week. It is the staff's job to find creative ways week end and week out to use him. we lost to the GD rams last week. We arent, and have not saved people simply in order to hide them and sneak them away to the playoffs. We just simply havent shown, with the exception of a breakout year for crabs in the short game. that we can use the talent on this roster to its full extent.
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And Crabs and Gore aren't explosive weapons? Don't get peronal bro. We can all have opinions. If you can't respect it delete ur account.

So by your logic, the Saints shouldn't lean on Jimmy Graham because they've got Marques Colston, the Patriots shouldn't lean on Rob Gronkowski because they've got Wes Welker, the Cowboys shouldn't lean on Jason Witten because they've got Dez Bryant and Miles Austin and the Chargers should never have leaned on Antonio Gates because they had Vincent Jackson and LT.

Last year when the 49ers needed points and yards in the playoffs, who did they end up leaning on the most?

The 1970's just called, they want their football back.

All of the teams you have mentioned spread the ball around in their success with receivers making big plays with sprinkles of big TE plays. What receivers did we have last year in the playoffs ? Swain Ginn Crabtree ?! VD will have his moment geez. u know what why am i wasting my time ?
They don't even throw to him. Never target him. Kaep doesn't have a big comfort zone with him. For Smith it was his one comfort zone and definitely favorite target. Of course other teams double him a lot to take him away. Roman has been awful at getting him involved. Was it under Raye he had the big years? LOL. Raye was awful at everything but he knew how to use Vernon.
#1) Kap has a helluva time finding receivers because he has a helluva time reading D's and once he does, he can't figure how to change the call to his teammates in time. (Don't believe it, just do rewind of the feckless Dolphins game.)

#2) Watch #15 and you will see he has taken tips from manningham on how to get open off the LOS. Fake, bake, shove, double move, and then gone. And Crbs gets open. Not vernon. He would be well advised to watch manningham and NOW, Crbs, get off the LOS. You watch enough tape and you will see vernon is trying to get open at 15, 20, 30 yrds out. By then play is over and every one is heading back to huddle. Vernon, with all his talent, is NOT getting free off LOS. The guy is strong, so he can use "bump and shove" before the 5 yd limit. But vernon has to learn to shed the guy nose up on him, immediately off the LOS. The one best thing to happent to the receiveing corps this yr was the lessons in getting free off the LOS, like manningham does every play. Get vernon to shake, bake, shove, and put another move on ....and watch him get open....and start catching more passes. A lot of this is Kap not being able to read Ds, and them communicate reads to his team. Coach H took 5 T.Os this yesterday to avoid the clock running out on Kap and a 5 yd penalty. Vernon can once again be our great receiver, but he has to get open quick with Kap , who is flustered on virtually any change in O call at LOS. If vernon is open in first 5 steps, he will once again get the ball.
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He's been assigned to alot of blocking. He'll be more involved in the passing game going foward.
No question about that Mayo, but he better be getting more involved quick., or we get wiped out before the NFC title game. If we make that, we won't win SB with vernon not getting open on most plays.
Vernon was quick to say "Kaep is the man!"; I wonder if he still feels that way......,

Kaep, VD and Roman all need to get on the same page. There has to be a way to get him more involved.

If its a "chemistry" thing, they need to work it out; VD is too important to the 9ers to be ignored like this.........
Lets not take credit away from the LBs we've faced that have to play coverage on VD. Dansby, Laurinaitis, Vilma. Pretty decent LBs who have enough experience to make VD work hard for his catches. These teams are game planning to shut him down, and that is giving opportunities to other options. There is not a team deep enough to cover all of our options besides this is Kaep's first opportunites under center. You can see how inexperienced he is. We have to give him time. Everything will work out.
For some reason they think walker is a better tightend in pass catching and keep davis in to block!!!!

Incompetent QB can't get him the ball.
Did anyone watch the rams play the Bills? Or the Dolphins play the patriots?

Well the rams kept chandler too two receptions
And Hernandez did s**t against the phins. Brady kept throwing to him but it was always tight coverage.

The saints game we used walker.

I'm not that concerned about VD. But he was on "where you at?" Cris Carter style.

Its much harder to get the ball to the tight end with the formations we run unless we get man Coverage.well after the bears game teams learned not to give us that look.
When you run as much as we do teams stack the box and cheat short

I'm more concerned that we don't throw deep down the field.
The team needs Mario back. And misses KW.
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Originally posted by kemp_j:
Vernon was quick to say "Kaep is the man!"; I wonder if he still feels that way......,

Kaep, VD and Roman all need to get on the same page. There has to be a way to get him more involved.

If its a "chemistry" thing, they need to work it out; VD is too important to the 9ers to be ignored like this.........

No, I think he was quoted as saying Alex was the man.
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Originally posted by TDNiners:
Here is what I believe is happening.

I believe that teams double team Davis with the Safety. They are challenging us to throw to our WRs.

1) Our OLine are not very good pass blockers - sacks galore whoever is the QB
2) WRs can't win their one of one match ups. This is evident when I was in the Rams game. Against a JV secondary our WRs can't get open.

All teams except for the Bears are following this blueprint. Of course, success and failure depends on their personel and whether we can run that day.

The Bears didn't believe we would pass. If you watch that game again 1) you wil see they have freaking 9 in the box. 2) Their secondary lost their matchups. 3) The QB had all day to throw. NOBODY is around the QB when he lets go of the ball. NOT even in the same zip code close.

You will see this patter again. Its up to our WRs to win the battle. Very tough to do since I believe our WR are schemed open not open because they won their battle against the secondary.

Exactly. Many of us have been saying for years that our OL was built to run block and they do that very well, but they've always been poor in pass protection.

Remember when people used the Bears game to say 1 reason Kaep must start is that he will get VD more involved? lol, I wish. As many explained then, VD's infamous "uncuffed" comments were about finally not being double-teamed, not about him preferring Kaep over Alex (and he's subsequently publicly stated he prefers Alex). Since that game, he's been far less involved than he was even in the first half of this season. Only 6 targets for 3 catches and 19 yards in the last 3 games - by far the worst stretch of his career.
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VD better show up at least in 1 of the next 2 away games to help the offense, else Seattle wins the division and CK looks like the below average QB that he is.
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