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Vernon Davis

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I laugh when they say teams take him away. Anybody remember Jerry Rice teams would double him every game yet he still got the ball.

Big difference between Montana and Young throwing into double coverage than Alex Smith too! Also, Rice is and was the greatest WR to ever play. Davis is a TE and not even the best in the league now let alone the best of all time. Huge difference IMO.

VD is top 3 TE right now and Smith is a top rated passer.

Hi, suswell. longtime no see!

LOL. Susweel. I like and supported Alex for a long time. But if you don't see a difference between Montana, Young and Alex wow. Big difference there. VD would be #1 with Tom Brady. He may go up some with Kaep if Kaep can keep this up. And that's a big if.
What up with him he constantly disappears game to game. You don't see that happening to any of the other top TE.
I really hope that Kaep can get him back in the game! I thought he was going to against the Saints then vd dropped a perfectly thrown ball. After that i didn't see a pass go his way again the rest of the game! Maybe he will get more involved in this pay back game against the Rams.
Kap better throw some deep balls this game. The ram safeties are not good.
St Louis is a very fast defense ....Kap should be able to make some plays with his feet and find Davis this week

I'm willing to bet Vernon gets 2 TD's this sunday
As long as he doesn't drop it.
Vernon Davis. Have you seen him? Where is he?
He should take a pay cut, not just restructure. Top 10-15 TE not top 5.
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Is he not getting open wtf is the problem
Isn't it obvious? Kaep doesn't like VD since VD is Smitty's #1 supporter.

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We need someone other than a RB to start taking some of the pressure off of him. Teams know that outside of the running game he's still the only player that can hurt them. And thats with Crabtree puting up his usual 7 catches for 85 yards and no td's.
Singletary didn't know much but atleast he made sure Vernon was an integral part of our passing game.
Help a lurker out....

Can anyone tell me why Vernon Davis has disappeared the past three weeks? Does he owe Harbaugh money?
Kaep doesn't look for him unless he's the first read and we haven't been designing plays to get it to him. I'm not sure why that is.
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He's busy working on his art gallery duh
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