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Originally posted by valrod33:
hearst was a good runningback, one of my favorite niners, but is he really your favorite RB ever?

He is yes and let me explain why. Whilst there have been no doubt better RBs than Hearst I think few have had his heart. What's more he was a tough, physical back that had that very rare great technical ability. He reminds me of the sort of player we used to have during the glory years. No disrespect to Gore but I'm not sure he was the WCO type back that I grew up with. Hearst for me was the embodiment of this.

As for his anti-gay comments. No question. Not required and I felt he looked very silly for it. Frankly all that matters is the football.
Garrison Hearst is one of my all time favorite Niners. I was wearing his home jersey last Sunday when we lost to the titans.
Originally posted by ramanz16:
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
Didn't Hearst say something about gays in the locker room, similar to what Larry Johnson said? And if so, why wasn't it given as much fanfare as LJ's scenario.

Could someone remember?

I do remember something like that, but can't remember exactly what he said. He was a pretty likeable guy, though, and the thought was that he just made a stupid mistake of joking about the wrong thing publicly. In LJ's case, the guy is a jerk and people are quicker to jump his case about this stuff.

"Aww, hell no! I don't want any f****ts on my team. I know this might not be what people want to hear, but that's a punk. I don't want any f****ts in this locker room."
Gore is the new king.
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Hearst would have made so many more pro bowls if he didn't destroy his ankle in that game vs the Falcons (probably would have won that game too). I like Gore and all but Garrison Hearst was def. the best 49ers RB i've seen play

In the modern era my top four 9ers backs are

agreed. No way we lost by two points to the falcons with Hearst in. I don't know if he or gore is better but Hearst is my favorite also. he had heart and he was funny haha.
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