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Which NFL Team is the biggest mess?

Which NFL Team is the biggest mess?

Originally posted by YourHuckleberry:
Originally posted by Defuego:
Can we add the Bucs to the list? It is like '76 all over again after all.

They're just rebuilding, I don't think they compare to teams like the Browns and Raiders.

I gotta go with the Browns though. At least the Raiders have had SOME success in the 80s and going to the Super Bowl a few years ago. The Browns have been bad for decades.

No... actually these Browns have only been in existence since 1999. I dont think you can count the old Browns franchise that moved to Baltimore and won a Superbowl in this decade.
They all have their problems, but I'd have to go with the Raiders. The Crypt Keeper has long since gone mad years ago.
it's a bad sign when your owner starts going to fans for advice...............

That's a hard question actually.. I see everyone jump to the Raiders.. And though I agree that while Al Davis is still in charge, the light will always be waaaaaayy down at the end of the tunnel, they have potential to me..

The Browns are woeful in every aspect it seems.. This team is who I would choose as the biggest mess.. As someone else pointed out, at least you'll get paid going to the Raiders..

But, damn, the Redskins show that talent is not the only thing that matters in football.. They "win" every offseason with going after people.. Yet they seem to never gel as a team.. A lot of people like to live in Madden-land and want that big name player yet fail to realize that specific players fit specific teams.. The redskins need to form a mentality and stick to it and choose players that fit that scheme..
Bucs or Browns.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Its a toss up between the Browns and the Raiders. Both have clearly screwed up big time in recent drafts, in their head coaching selections, and in basically every aspect of what it takes to be a successful organization.

Here is why I think the Browns are worse. They have no talent. Nothing at QB, zip at RB, zero at WR. This is probably the least talented team in football right now. I think the Raiders have talent (obviously enought to have beaten Philly) and are better off than the Browns at this point.

OK now here is a follow up for anyone. Remember the famous TDon Niners, "worse than an expansion franchise." Are they that bad?

With regard to the poll I had to vote Raiders because of Al. However bad any team gets, if they haven't got Al it can always get worse.

Never retire, Al. Your people need you!!!
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