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Gay gets banged HARD by Adrian Peterson

[ Edited by TlSSER on Oct 27, 2009 at 5:38 AM ]

"Maybe this guy can play both ways"
lol. when I saw the highlight to that, I just said. "Well that was gay"
A better title would have been Adrian Peterson goes Gay bashing
He liked it.
That was one hell of a hit!
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Rb vs. DB.
But still....Oh boy!
That was a great hit!
Haha love it

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Misleading thread title

on the other hand......
Originally posted by GEEK:
Misleading thread title

Got your hopes up huh?
Did anyone notice the moaning sound on impact at 0:14?
Annnnd immediately following the hit, AD went to the bench due to 'soreness', and his replacement dropped the last INT; and Gay didnt miss a play. Winner? Gay.
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