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Kory Sheets picked up by Dolphins...



"49ers practice-squad RB Kory Sheets is saying good-bye to teammates. Word in locker room is he got picked up by Dolphins. #fb"

From MM's twitter

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This team is killing me.

I love watching Coffee dive into our oline.

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Just perfect
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Originally posted by Method:

Ouch, he may have needed work in blitz pick up , but this is not good, I still think they need some quick like him to change things up
f**k me
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They as well may utilize him since we aren't...
They can take him from our practice squad wtf?
WOW!!!!!!!!!! i thought he looked like a better support then coffee did. he brings a different run style to the game! he was our flash but still a down hill runner! this one hurts! dolphins are looking strong!
he will shine in their wild cat offense

I hate to see him go.
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Apparently, Parcells doesn't think he sucks
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Good thing we protected Spurlok.
If he gets playing time on the Dolphins, with Ronnie Brown AND f**king Ricky Williams, even though he's "bad in pass protection," I'm going to be f**king pissed.

Coffee hasn't done s**t. Should have brought Sheets up when Gore got hurt. To have an elite run team in the NFL right now, you need to have two running backs who can get yards for you, period. Coffee is not getting the f**king job done, and we didn't make the change in time.

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Well that sucks.
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