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Who is most powerful RB of all time?

Originally posted by Chaoslord209:

Steve Atwater was tougher than this guy...

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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Earl Campbell.
Glen Coffee
Earl Campbell, he is a faster and bigger version of today's brandon jacobs!!
Originally posted by Chaoslord209: candidate.

Jim Brown was the toughest runner....

Earl Campbell was the most powerful...

but Jim Brown >>> Earl Campbell, JMHO.
Originally posted by HaiGuise:
It's a toss up between Derek Loville and Dexter Carter.

Originally posted by Chaoslord209:

Bo Knows
Originally posted by valrod33:

Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by valrod33:

I guarantee you that 20+ backs in the league today would do exactly that to almost any safety or CB that came in high like that.

To put it in perspective, Brandon Jacobs is 5 inches taller and 30lbs. heavier than Campbell. Campbell would have to be MUCH, MUCH faster than Jacobs in order to produce the same amount of force.

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2. Jim BROWN
wtf? Nobody knows who Earl Campbell is?
The Fridge!!!!

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oh no. jorvorksi lane ? lol

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