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Who is most powerful RB of all time?

When I mean powerful, I mean a guy who runs people over. Who destroys people. Who keeps moving forward with three guys on him. These are the kind of plays and players that I appreciate most in football, and give it the grit and toughness that makes it what it is.

Playing today has gotta be up there on the baddest all time, in Brandon Jacobs.

I would say Bettis has gotta be on top all time. 0:52 in this video is hilarious:

BUT, I think one of the most dominant I have seen is Jovorskie Lane from Texas A&M. He didn't get drafted because he has a bad attitude, but watch this video of J-train:

Any other good ones?
frank gore
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Jim Brown
Earl Campbell.
It's got to be Earl Campbell. He would mow people down and it always took several people to drag him down. He was just a beast.
My picks would be jerome bettis, eddie george and here is a sneak attack some or most won't agree with me on I'm sure!
Barry sanders! Listen and hear me out! He didn't carry people he didn't have to! Look at the tree trunks dude had for legs! His strength combined with agilty and quickness put him in this category! Constantly shifting back and forth his legs where frickin strong! But yet he didn't carry people
And for a old school legend! Larry the toothless wonder zonka! That dude was mean

And for my sanders pick it is for his strength and balance aint plowing thru people but buy the time this man rushed a 100 yards he literally ran for about 230 ha ha with all his back and forth antics

Jim brown, earl campbell, william barnon floyd, mike allstot, brandon jacobs! Jamal lewis in earlier yrs
Originally posted by dman:
Jim Brown


even today...

if there is one thing he had that could compete with today's athletes, Jim Brown was ridiculously strong, and well built

players today they say they are afraid to hit certain running backs, but thats only because it may hurt and demoralize them due to a missed tackle, you had linebackers purposely not attempting to tackle jim brown because of how hard he hit, theyd just let him run by...Jim Brown trucked through defensive tackles, not occasionally, but on a regular basis....he had one play where he broke through a linebackers two bar facemask and destroyed the guys nose.....with his shoulder...

some of the things the guy did sound like chuck norris facts, except they are actual events in most cases..

I'm still one of those hesitant to call him the best player of all time due to the era he played in, however i thinking there has ever been a more powerful and hard hitting runner than Jim Brown is plain silly..

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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Earl Campbell.

This! You don't have 32inch thighs and not have power behind them.
mike alsott
Originally posted by dman:
Jim Brown

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Jim Brown. Followed by Larry Czonka, Earl Campbell,

Punishing backs who made you sorry that you ever tried to tackle them.
It's a toss up between Derek Loville and Dexter Carter.

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Against his opponents, Jim Brown hands down, but he played in the day when defensive tackles weighed 240.
Originally posted by BigRon:
Jim Brown. Followed by Larry Czonka, Earl Campbell,

Punishing backs who made you sorry that you ever tried to tackle them.

Why is it that the best at any given subject all did their thing in the 60's/70's?
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