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SNF: Colts @ Cardinals -- Rooting against Arizona GameDay Thread

BIG play by the Colts D. Thank goodness for the fumble recovery. AZ looked to be about to go up 10-0.
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Touchdown! Manning to Wayneee.
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Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Touchdown! Manning to Wayneee.

Nooooooooo! Anybody but Wayne!
Arizona's offense just doesn't look the same as last year. I'm hoping Peyton can put up another score before halftime - my fantasy team needs it bigtime.
Colts about to score againnnn.

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Touchdown colts!
ANother TD!
Manning is cutting up their defense. Really making them struggle. Exposed? Damn right.
At lerast it looks like everyone else in our division will lose today.

No changes in the standings!!!!
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