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Antwan Odom with 5 sacks today... 7 for the season..

In 2 games...

this is ridiculous and I thought it warranted its own thread...

some dude from the bengals
He had a great game yesterday, but the Packers OTs have been playing so badly in their first two games that they should be getting their paychecks from the opposing team.
When does he become a free agent?

he is on steroids
Anyone remember when Eagles Tackle Winston Justice gave up 6 (SIX) sacks to Osi Umenyiora in one game? Those actually accounted for half of Osi's sacks that year.
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Originally posted by valrod33:
he is on steroids

I had to look at his stats this morning at work to make sure I didn't mishear, that's pretty impressive for a virtually unknown guy.
he's a savage. i thought he was going to be a solid player for the titans, but that never happened

wow now if lawson can get all that year lol
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He finishes with 11.
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I think even I could record a sack against the Packers o-line. Man I thought GB would be good this year, but they just can't pass protect worth a damn.
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