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Darrell Revis is the best cover cornerback in the NFL

Why isn't Nate Clements mentioned. He has faced three of the top receivers in the NFL and has basically shut them down with an INT to show for it.

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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by WheresWaldo:
Nobody even tries to throw Nnamdi's way. He's still the best. Revis is up there though, no doubt about that.

did you watch the mnf chargers and raiders game? vincent jackson pretty much owned him with like 6 catches and 100 yards and a td. then i think dwayne bowe caught a td on him today, but im not sure he was covering bowe. nnamdi is great, dont get me wrong, but people are starting to throw his way again and he doesnt look quite as dominant as last year, when he was only thrown at like 32 times all season.

Bowe was shutdown all game, then Nmandi came out of the game due to dehydration and then all of a sudden Bowe has 4 or 5 receptions and one of them came of a pretty long TD..I know because I have Bowe on my fantasy league and was pissed that I started him..once Nmandi came out it was all better
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