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I'm not worried about our LBs....but the way he just embarrassed those DBs out there makes me cringe at what he could do to our Safeties...

thank god we have Goldson, who seems like he can hit.....as well as 2 great tackling starting CBs.....but maaaaan Roman is still back there

hopefully he never gets to that 3rd level on us..... I know we shut him down last time....but this is a new year and they have Farva, I hope Munusky dares Farva to beat him by trying to shut down AP.

Also....why the hell did everyone and they momma (Media) tell me AP was slow before the draft....and was injury prone...I believed that sh1t.

THE GUY IS A F'N BEAST!!!! I love watching him run.

Goldson and Lewis are the starters, man. Roman is a back up. He's only in there in obvious passing situations. I don't think he can do too much damage.

OH that's right I forgot Lewis played in the Cards game....man I keep thinking he is still injured

but what a warrior.... 2 concussions in a 3 week span...and he comes back at still gets 4 tackles.

All around I believe we have the hardest hitting secondary in the league.

Lewis, Goldson, Nate, Shawnte