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Urlacher is out for the year

rlacher says, per the Chicago Tribune, that he likely will miss the entire season after undergoing surgery Monday to repair a dislocated wrist.

Specifically, Urlacher told Vaughn McClure of the Tribune via text message "season is over."

kind of ironic (sad?)

Al michaels and Collinsworth mentioned last night that Urlacher was finally healthy and expected big things from him this year.

That jay cutler trade isnt going well for them right now either.

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Damn that sucks for them.
Damn, that really sux. I like Urlacher!
f**k the Bears
damn thats a big blow
It sucks for them, but Urlacher has not been the same player over the last few seasons (mostly due to injury I'm sure). In fact, I don't even think Urlacher is the best LB on their team anymore.
Unbelievable. I was watching the game one minute listening to the announcers talk about how he was finally healthy and primed for a big year and I get some food and the next thing I know he is in a wrist brace.
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This will cause many to rethink their choice of the Bears in the pickem.
That sucks. I feel bad for Urlacher. so many great years are now in the shadow of so many injured ones. It seems like a really long time ago that he was one of the games best LBs. What bad luck.

Originally posted by valrod33:
f**k the Bears


sucks for urlacher though
sucks for the Bears
we're going to kill them this year
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Derrick Brooks c'mon down!
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What I don't understand is some players on Defense will play with a cast on their arms after a break but Urlacher can't after a dislocation. What's up with that
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