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3rd OC Fired - - Gailey, Jags . . . Schonert

What a bizarre pre-season . . .

Down goes Schonert
Posted by Mike Florio on September 4, 2009 11:47 AM ET
They say things happen in threes.

This week, three NFL offensive coordinators have been fired.

A league source tells us that the Bills have dumped offensive coordinator Turk Schonert, ten days before the team's season opener on Monday Night Football against the Patriots.

The move isn't completely shocking, in large part because we've been softened up for it a bit by the abrupt reassignment of Chiefs offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and the sudden dismissal of Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

But the Bills' offense struggled in the preseason, and coach Dick Jauron likely realized that, if he didn't find a way to turn things around quickly, it would be Dick Jauron getting the shoe along with Schonert, and everyone else.

UPDATE: We're told that the new offensive coordinator will be quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt.


Crazy . . . didn't even make it to the regular season.

Bucs fire Jagodzinski
Posted by Mike Florio on September 3, 2009 10:12 AM ET
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

The move was announced moments ago, and only minutes after we called the team's P.R. office to explore rumors that Jagodzinski had been dismissed.


We had received a couple of uncorroborated tips that Jagodzinski was being let go. But since we're now quasi-journalists, yours truly called One Buc Place, asked for the P.R. office, and inquired about the rumor. I was told that the team "doesn't have anything on that" at the present time.

And then, literally within minutes, the press release was e-mailed.

(We're not saying we were lied to. We're just saying that they've apparently got some fast typists in Tampa.)

Quarterbacks coach Greg Olson has been promoted into the job, and he will continue to coach the quarterbacks.

The reason for the move isn't known. ESPN's Adam Schefter speculates that there was friction between Jagodzinski and Olsen, and that Jagodzinski perhaps wasn't on board with the decision to name Byron Leftwich the starting quarterback.

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Man, rookie coaches...
sign him as a backup QB
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sign him as a backup QB

Originally posted by valrod33:
sign him as a backup RT

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Originally posted by valrod33:
sign him as a backup SS


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Originally posted by valrod33:
sign him as a backup SS



This guy is extremely versatile.
You fire him now? During the 4th preseason week? It doesn't make sense, they are gonna have a horrible offense this year.
I think it has less to do with their coordinator and more about their O.
Jags is a douche bag. He screwed over Boston College. The Niners were wise to avoid hiring him. What goes around, comes around........ Enjoy watching the season from your couch, Jags.

Well, guess you shoulda stayed at BC.

what's with coaches firing their oc's now? I don't get it

Jagodzinski "not equipped" to direct NFL offense
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 3, 2009 2:35 PM ET

Perhaps there is a more salacious truth out there, but the St. Petersburg Times reports that Jeff Jagodzinski is no longer the Bucs offensive coordinator for a simple reason: he wasn't ready for the job.

"Jags" had very little experience calling plays, something that Steve Logan normally did for him at Boston College. (Logan is now in Tampa as a running backs coach and will remain there.) The Bucs reportedly grew concerned that Jagodzinski knew how to install a zone blocking running scheme on the team, but not much else.

"Sometime during training camp, it became increasingly apparent to Bucs officials and players, that Jagodzinski was not equipped to install and direct an NFL offense," writes Rick Stroud.

The team reportedly believed Jagozinski lacked "sophistication" when it came to various aspects of the passing game. Coach Raheem Morris spoke about the decision Thursday.

"Coach Jag came in and I have a lot of respect for him,'' Morris said. "But we're at the point
now where we have to be more precise and we need to be more detailed and we need to have more direction to where we're going to go. And we just didn't have it right now for whatever reason. That's about as detailed as I can get on it.''

Hiring Jagodzinski was one of the first big decisions Morris made as a head coach, and it couldn't have turned out much worse. Greg Olson, now the team's coordinator, wanted the job back in January, but the team didn't even interview him.

Stroud writes that the decision to let Jagodzinski go had nothing to do with the quarterback situation; the former Boston College head coach was in Byron Leftwich's corner. Jagodzinki reportedly got along with everyone; he just wasn't ready.

In some ways, that may be worse for his future than if the firing was personal.
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
You fire him now? During the 4th preseason week? It doesn't make sense, they are gonna have a horrible offense this year.

Their D is going to be poo also. Didnt they let go of about 4 or 5 starters?
Originally posted by 49erWill:
I remember a lot of people here wanted him too

I'd still take him. He's probably 10 times better than Raye.
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