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Pacman Jones signs with Winnipeg of the CFL

This is disappointing...

If the CFL wasn't already the "Sloppy Seconds" league as it is -- this sure does it

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Originally posted by Gelder:

This and more!!!
But will he make it rain in Winnipeg? I guess it's UFL if he f**ks up in the CFL.
I give him 1 month before he's in trouble with the law. Then I give Winnipeg 2 more, "Everyone gets into trouble, he wasn't with us when all of that other stuff happens so we are going to stay in his corner and help him out."

He will be gone after two of these naive comments.
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Time to make it snow
He has so much talent and physical ability, now if he could just shut up and stay out of trouble. I hope he figures it out.
How are the strip clubs up in Winnipeg eh?
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
How are the strip clubs up in Winnipeg eh?

Not sure but I can tell you that in Canada the strippers get 100% naked and he makes a nice trip to Montreal, which is the party capital of North America (trust me).

And legal drinking age in Montreal is only 18 so he can punch some young girls out and at least they'll be of age, proving that he's making progress.
Winnipeg is filthy, he'll fit right in there...oh yeah and Pacman can f**k off....playing in "The Peg" in the winter is like playing in an outdoor football stadium in Minnesota...good luck with that...

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Screw him, hope he gets in more trouble and gets thrown in jail. He keeps repeating his mistakes, total loser.

Looks like the Bombers don't want him anymore.

Good for them
CFL team says it’s not signing Pacman Jones

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP)—Adam “Pacman” Jones won’t be playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers after all.

The CFL team announced Wednesday it has ended its pursuit of the controversial ex-NFL cornerback, one day after multiple reports said Jones would play for the team.
“It is unfortunate that this situation became public; however, our position has remained consistent,” Blue Bombers coach Mike Kelly said in a statement. “We will pursue athletes that we believe will contribute to our organization on and off the field.

“We have completed our assessment and due diligence and at this time we will not be pursuing the services of Adam Jones(notes).”

Yea, I think it was too far from Vegas, and his posse didn't want to go to such cold weather. Hard to make it rain when it's freezing outside.

The guys a punk and should be working the midshift stocking shelves at Walmart.
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