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I have stadium envy...

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LOL @ Jones defending the stadium. "It's not a flaw. The punter just has to kick the ball and make it a line drive. No biggie. All our punters will just have to adjust to kicking the ball with less arc. Yes, punt returns are more dangerous this way, but still, it's not a flaw." Not an actual quote, but something similar. America's Team? LOL. And how could you be envious of that stadium? They've already had one bad accident and now this?

ummm the accident wasn't in the stadium.... it was the practice facility, and yes Jones is a douche bag, but does he really have a feasible option. After spending all that money, he's not gonna spend anymore if the screen raising isn't a cheap under a week-long procedure. He's an idiot, who overlooked a major factor of indoor "dome" stadiums, and is simply covering his ass from spending anymore money on it in the near future...

and yes, if the NFL doesn't require him to raise it, it could proved to be a brilliant move as it would provide a unique homefield advantage for the cowboys as their punt coverage unit will be much more adjusted to the low-hang time style of punt required.... kind of like how Madden would have his players practice in slop and leave the sprinklers on overnight to disadvantage quicker teams who were used to playing indoors and not used to poor field conditions...

Yes he does. I agree with most of what you said there, but he is a dumbass and he should pay for it. Just because he doesn't want to spend money doesn't mean he won't have to. Because he couldn't take the time to have it raised to an acceptable height when it was built, it has now compromised the punters ability to kick. Of course McBriar didn't have a problem so Jones is basing all his opinions off that, but if this persists as a problem I highly doubt the NFL wouldn't require him to raise the scoreboard. I mean it'd be ridiculous to ask 8 punters to change their punting styles because the owner is a dumbass. Also, Fisher is co-chairman on the board of NFL or something like that so I'm sure he'll make himself be heard

I just remembered, he's going to have it raised for a U2 concert, why can't he just keep it at that height.
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^^yeah he was saying the cowboys stadium might be the last new stadium (besides the ones that have already started...minnesota was it???). then he said something like "the niners are trying to get a deal done but it looks like it's never gonna happen."

Stick to the facts, Aikman. We don't need any of your BS speculation especially on something you know nothing about.

get REAL dude....

Aikman was in HIGH SCHOOL... When the 49ers started their talk of a new stadium

This s**t has been going on FOREVER

he is RIGHT to talk s**t about the 49ers stadium...........

This is one of the few comments on here that makes sense. The 49ers and the City of San Francisco have been talking about a new stadium since the mid 80s.
Of course, the only thing that the City of San Francisco has been good at is the
"talking part".

We play in a division with two teams that have very good facilities, and have very little winning record in Seattle and Phoenix (of a suburb of said), and we can't get a new stadium. How much f**k*** revenue has San Francisco gleaned from the 49ers during the good times?

Of course if it was up to the present Board of Stupidvisors and the Mayor, we'd probably be refabbing Kezar, right next to the homeless emcampment so the stadium workers wouldn't be far from home.
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