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****Official PRO Michael Dwayne Vick Thread****

I followed Vick since his days at VTech and remember his play in the NC Game vs Florida St. was unreall.

I like him as a football player and nothing else.

I might get torched for posting this but I am tired of people bashing the guy like if he was responsible for 9/11.

So here is my Micheal Vick support thread, please don't come in here bashing me or Mike.


Asking someone not to come in here and bash Vick is like asking people to stop bashing Smith/Hill in their "pro" threads. It is going to happen so better learn to deal with it pretty quick.

Vick is an athlete not a QB. The Eagles signed him and yet I don't even think that they have an idea of what to do with him on their roster. Personally I don't think he should have been allowed back in the league. There are people that get felony convictions and have trouble their entire lives finding another job after they are released and have "done their time" as the Vick supporters call it. Yet Vick gets out and gets another shot at making millions of dollars. Sorry this logic just doesn't seem to compute.
I don't see how this thread would differ from the other Vick thread just below.
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