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Who Signs Next?

Who Signs Next?

I see Maybin signing next or at least he should. I honestly think he was a reach at that position, so he should get the money while it's still out there for him. Smith is actually being lowballed by the Bengals - figure the odds of that happening from Cinci huh? Crabtree, well, he'll probably sign just before the first game and then he'll probably have a bad attitude the rest of the year.

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If I heard correctly during the game it was said by the announcers that Crabtree was being offered approx. 19% more than last years #10 pick. If my math is correct, that would make the offer in the 21 Mil. range. If I understand the slotting argument and based on what Raji received and what the # 12 guy got this year that puts Crabs in the 25 to 27.5 mil range. Which then means the 49ers would be lowballing him. I'll bet now that since both of the guys directly in front of him have signed and the #'s are apparent to both parties it shouldn't be that difficult to reach agreement unless either he or the team won't budge. It will be interesting to see who blinks.
i hope crabtress is next!
andre smith is still far apart in reaching a deal with the bengals
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and the sad thing is, I don't see the first guy signing before the end of pre-season.
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