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How did Ari's starters look against Pitts' starters?

Originally posted by stonecold590:
I accually watched the game twice. thier offense looked good butstill needs some fine tuning but that is there strong point. and it will only get better. Warner is a concern because he was hurting and if he continues to play in the preseaon and takes a hard hit he may be out for the opening game. if i was them i would sit warner and let him heal and let the 2 back ups duke it out for the second job. i think they both suck personally. matt L needs to get his stuff together or he will be # 3.
Our defense is very much stronger there thiers. ours will be more agressive and thier D will be making mistakes since they are now in the first year of a new scheam. we have the advantage of already plaing in the 3-4. warner is the big X factor. if he is healthy we have a Big game on our hands. if he isnt then weshould ahve the adavatage

AZ has been tryin to convert to a 3-4 for a few years now if memory serves. Ever since Whisenhunt came over from Pitt
Originally posted by zozell:
right on cuzzo... Is it safe to say our D and ST will be better than theirs... but they may have the slight edge on Offense?

I dont think we can say that at all. They have a much..i mean a MUCHHHH better Defensive line who can get pressure than ours. That is the most important aspect of the defense. So in conclusion, if we dont step up our pass rush, they will have the better D
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