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Bronco Fans' Boo Orton

Originally posted by BobS:
Funny I said the Broncos should sign Vick and I got ripped on from a few people because they believed Kyle Orton was good. He is trash and will continue to prove it.

These guys who think he is good might have a mild version of retard
They booed Orton because he threw 2 picks, one was returned for a TD.. they also booed the kicker when he missed 2 FGs at the end of practice. Bronco fans are feeling disconnected from the team because many of the familiar faces are gone. I think something like 45 players at camp werent on the team last year. So this was not a good way to showcase the team for the first time.. let them get into that AFC West schedule and win a few games and the fans will come around.
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