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Whats with all the holdouts

Im not sure how many players remain unsigned but I know theres at least like 11 players. When was the last time this happened. Is this because of the collective bargaining agreement thats coming up. What gives

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Agents' greed and by making their clients believe then CAN get them more $$$$. They think they could earn more by holding out. IMO, bad move because the players lose precious time in TC, agents giving themselves a bad rep., etc.

When you've played a few years and will become a FA, I could understand holding out for a long-term deal. But as a rookie, they're basing their salary expectations on potential and slot drafted...not on any real stats or NFL production. I hope teams don't give in to any over-inflated contract demands and this is why there should be a rookie salary cap.
bunch of fkn babies. NFL needs to put a stop to this s**t by capping rookie salaries!
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These agents are driving salaries through the roof. As rookies get increases, vets want to be better compensated and also demand more. Cost to team owners increases, and the cost gets passed on to...the fans.

Look, I'm not one to argue for the supression of wages. But these NFL guys are already making a sh*t load of money. People always throw in the argument that a player could get hurt at some point and needs to "feed his family" if he can't play football in the future. If a person can earn $70k/year to feed his family, I'm pretty sure an NFL guy could provide for his family even at the minimum salary for five years.

Listening to these guys cry about only making $5 million per year is annoying. You play a f*cking sport for a living!
It's too risky for all these newbs to look like scrubs without getting paid first.


VinceYoung, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Alex Smith, MccFadden, Jemarcus, etc.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
bunch of fkn babies. NFL needs to put a stop to this s**t by capping rookie salaries!

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The NFL needs to handle draftee salaries like the NBA does.
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