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Did we miss something?

Larry Grant opened Friday's practice as the strongside linebacker on the No. 1 defense.
Chris Draft was in the middle, which figures to be Jim Laurinitis' spot in the near future. Draft is expected to shift to the strongside, but Rams coaches would be happy if Grant plays well enough to shove the veteran into a reserve a role.
Source: St Louis Post-Dispatch

Did we over look Grant?, this could just be fascinated with Ohio State products, Antonio Pittman and James Laurinaitis for example. This could also just be the Rams still inept front office, rating this guy a mid-round pick, when Grant barely got picked in the draft to begin with.
maybe their linebackers suck? ill take a look at their depth chart
53 Culberson, Quinton SLB 6-1 236 10/21/85 3 Mississippi State
56 Asiodu, K.C. SLB 6-2 225 11/24/86 R Central Oklahoma
59 Grant, Larry SLB 6-1 235 2/16/85 1 Ohio State
54 Douglas, Dominic SLB 6-1 229 1/13/87 R Mississippi State

57 Chamberlain, Chris WLB 6-1 230 9/30/85 2 Tulsa

51 Witherspoon, Will MLB 6-1 240 8/19/80 8 Georgia
52 Draft, Chris MLB 5-11 232 2/26/76 11 Stanford
58 Vobora, David MLB 6-1 238 4/8/86 2 Idaho
55 Laurinaitis, James MLB 6-2 244 12/3/86 R Ohio State
Grant is going to be good... I played some high school ball with him in sacramento before he moved away.... He blocks punts/ kicks, make solid tackles, and has really good work ethic. Its good to see that he's getting a chance to dispay his talent. Too bad the niners didn't keep him.
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St. Louis plucked Grant off our PS and they acquired Pittman after he was released by NO.
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