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Why did we release Jeff Garcia again?

The guy is a 3-time Pro Bowler, a ton of heart, true leader, and consumate team player. He was the franchise QB. Why did we let him walk? I honestly cant remember, although Im sure it seemed reasonable at the time. The guy was banished to Cleveland and Detroit for a couple of years, then resurges in Philly to save their 06 season. Only to be released again. Then he goes to a scrub TB Bucs team, only to put up more impressive numbers and lead their team to consecutive successful seasons. Now hes been banished once again to Oak., he will probably start at some point in the season, and he will manage to make the Raiders relevant for the first time in a very long time.
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The niners were in cap hell.

He wanted it and the powers that be didn't think he was worth it.
If I remember correctly he basically forced his way out. The last year of his deal came with a huge salary; the type of back-ended balloon salary that effectively forces a renegotiation. He refused to renegotiate. He probably saw the team was heading in the wrong direction and wanted out. I read he was paid more than any QB other than Payton Manning over the time span he was with the 49ers. I would have been happy to keep him, but it wasn't all on the 49ers.
His cap for the following year was $9.9 million.

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Garcia has since been quoted as saying that forcing that move was a major career mistake. He recognized he should have accepted the 49er offer and stayed.

Now imagine what that might have meant for the past four years.

Oh wait.... OWWWWW

*head explodes*

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$$$$$$$$$$$$ we didn't have and his DUI
The official and main reasons why were that the 9ers were in salary cap hell, Garcia had a huge cap number, and he refused to renegotiate his contract.
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Weren't Pickett, Dorsey and Rattay on the roster also? Maybe the reason the 49ers would not want to pay his salary was they felt they were "loaded" at the QB position.
I hate to remember Garcia leaving, the team hasn't been the same since.

Had we some how worked out a way to keep both Garcia and TO and built a team around them things would have been a whole lot different. I blame Donahue and his arrogance for their departures. The cap situation didn't help but Donahue's ignorance and inept vision was catastrophic.
I believe we were in cap hell and we purged the roster
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Originally posted by D_Niner:
$$$$$$$$$$$$ we didn't have and his DUI

Yup, the DUI just sealed the deal. I also remember Garcia did not want to restructure his contract that year. I think the York's don't want that kind of image on this team which also lead to the release of Antonio Bryant right after getting arrested for his DUI.
because he was over paid.
he was overpaid and it was the coming of Tim Rattay.

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