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Chicago Bears

How many people think they will be a good team next year. One of my buddies is claiming they will be super bowl contenders. I jus do not see how. Any of you guys see this same ridiculous claim?
I can see them being good if the offense works better with Cutler. I really can't talk about their defense though, don't know enough. I don't see them as a super bowl contender, maybe they're in the playoff race. But I'm not sure if I expect them to earn a top 10 pick either.
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I can see them going 10-6... playoff contenders
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Depends on their O-Line and WR unit.
their defense has faded still in the middle of league ranks....but cutler can not d o it by himself, they have no matter how you look at it hester is not a legit wr. they will have to lean on matt forte too much, and it doesnt look like his body could handle that
Id say id agree that the bears could be very good this yr! It all depends on a few factors.
The last couple yrs they have been hit wit key injuries. Brian urlacher, nathen vasher, chris tilman, and a few others have had injuries which hurt their d. Let alone mike brown can't seem to stay healthy he has been injured I believe the last 4 yrs.
The addition of cutler is a big positive. He is a probowl qb, s**t I watched em play in the probowl this yr. Good young franchise qb, id say the best qb since eric kramer the bears have had. Wideout is a big concern for the bears. Their runningback is a good player, and they have a good te. The question is can they continue the transition of devon hester to wr. Could ya imagine the transformation of the bears o if they could work a trade for brandon marshall?
If they have a strong running game and top 5 defense maybe they will make some noise...but Cutler doesnt have anyone to throw the ball to, Greg Olson is probably their biggest weapon, and he's a TE ???
I hate the bears, I hope we absolutely destroy them. They stole a draft pick from us, and it was probably a set up. You reap what you sew bears...hope you enjoy your 10 years in the dump.
Their defense is still pretty good. Not nearly as good as it was a few years ago but good enough to be no worse than top half of the league with the potential to be top 10.

Offensively they addressed their biggest need with Cutler.
They have a legit running game and their line is solid.
I agree that Hester isn't the premier wideout they're looking for but honestly, other than a #1 wideout (which btw can be easily addressed if they pick up Plaxico), they might be in pretty good shape to make a playoff run.
Also consider that the NFC is less predictable when it comes to playoff succes so even perennial division winners and contenders could have down years (AFC has been much more predictable the last decade with the Pats, Steelers, and Colts leading the way).

I think they have most of the pieces but who knows if they can take advantage of that talent or not
I think they will be a pretty good team with the D playing better and the O being more consistant than we have seen in a while. 10-6 11-5

no way their D is getting worse and aging however their offense has improved with cutler and forte no WR unit i dont know their schedule but i would guess 9-7
9-7/ 10-6...probably a playoff team.
idk I say they go 7-9 8-8
They went 7-9 last year. Their division isn't all that hard. I don't care what you say about the Pack and the Vikes.
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