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Carolina Panthers watch

^^ haven't the eagles only won 5 games ?
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
^^ haven't the eagles only won 5 games ?

You mean the Seahawks? Yeah they only won 5.
Originally posted by Bejaard49er:
Here is the latest number of wins and remaining schedule of those teams that could impact or Carolina pick.

Team Wins Remaining teams play
Rams 1
Bucs 2
Lions 2
Browns 3
Chiefs 3
Redskins 4 Cowboys, Chargers
Raiders 5 Browns, Chargers (6 Final win total)
Bills 5 Falcons, Colts (5)
Bears 5 Vikings, Lions (6)
Seahawks 6 Packers, Titans (6)
Panthers 6 Giants, Saints (6)
49ers 6 Lions, Rams (8)

Currently we are at the 11 & 12 pick in the first round would depend on flip of the coin with Seattle so could get 10 & 11. Currently 7 (Jets, Dolphins, Steelers, Falcons, Texans, Titans, Jaguars) teams have 7 wins. If the Panthers and us both win out and those teams split with a win and loss are picks could drop to the 19th pick or further depending on how things finish out. We need Carolina to lose next 2 games to retain 1 high pick.

STEELERS 7 Balt, at Mia (8)
JAGUARS 7 at NE, at Cle (8)
FALCONS 7 Buff, at TB (9)
JETS 7 at Indy, Cincy (7)
TEXANS 7 at Mia, NE (7)
DOLPHINS 7 Hou, Pitt (8)
TITANS 7 SD, at Sea (8)

I feel pretty confident Carolina will lose out and finish with 6 wins which should lock us in at about 11. If we win out our pick should be in the 14-18 range.
I could see the Panthers losing to the Giants, but the Saints may begin pulling their starters early in games now that 16-0 is out of reach.
The Panthers are all over the Giants. It looks like they will win this one too. It sucks that Carolina is getting hot at the end of the season, but we're fortunate that they waited so long to pull Delhomme.

They look like a completely different team, now that they have some good QB play. If they played this well all season, they'd be in playoff hunt right now. We're fortunate that we're going to get such a good pick out of them. Scott made a good trade and a little luck turned it into a great one.
Panthers winning against Giants...
Wow . . . after watching the Giants Monday night it looked like they were primed for a playoff run . . .

Our shot at Anthony Davis is fading.
stupid giants
Common Giants!! Pick it up!
f**k carolina

We should be happy Fox stayed with Delhomme for so long because if he had benched Delhomme earlier, Panthers will probably have a much better record then they do now.
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f**king Giants
looks like well have back to back picks at maybe 14 and 15 area
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
looks like well have back to back picks at maybe 14 and 15 area

that f**king sucks we cant even get haden i just hope spiller will at least be there
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