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The weak West?!? NFC poll...

The weak West?!? NFC poll...

NFC East this year is god awful
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Ceadderman lol RIP

Lol this. He was a quality poster imo
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Here's something to chew on...

NFC Representation of the past 10 Super Bowls

1999 - Rams
2000 - Giants
2001 - Rams
2002 - Bucs
2003 - Panthers
2004 - Eagles
2005 - Seahawks
2006 - Bears
2007 - Giants
2008 - Cardinals
2009 - ?

In the last 10 years its been

NFC South - 2/10

NFC North 1/10

NFC East - 3/10

NFC West - 4/10

The NFC West has represented the NFC in the SB more than any other division. I wouldn't go as far as saying its the best division but its certainly not the worst.

But the division usually had a runaway winner, while the other 3 teams were garbage. when you call a division weak or strong you are talking all 4 teams as a whole, right? I voted NFC West.

I find this argument quite interesting actually. How do we actually define "strong division"?

For the sake of hypotheticals let's compare Division X versus Division Y:

Division X: Three sub-500 teams, one perennial Superbowl representative and an occasional winner (e.g., NFC West this past decade-plus)
Division Y: Two- or Three-of-four teams in the playoffs, but respective teams are always eliminated in the wildcard and/or divisional and/or conference rounds -- seldom having an actual Superbowl contender (e.g., NFC North)

I think it's common to conceptualize Division-Y as the dominant division, but I'm starting to sway toward Division-X since they ultimately defeat the other divisions' top teams.
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