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My early ass prediction, Eagles win the Super Bowl

Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by Apples:
You have the Packers beating the Giants in the divisional round, yet the Giants still go to the conference championship.

im good
The NFC East is going to be one tough division. I don't see all of them winning 10 games since they have to play one another twice.
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Cardinals 11-5 Cowboys 11-5 Raiders 8-8, Dolphins 5-11

cardinals= 9-7...10-6 at best... cowboys= 9-7 at best.. raiders= 6-10..dolphins= 8-8..they have a tough schedule
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Cowboys aren't going to make it this year.
i like the eagles going in as the SB winners I feel the Eagles v. Pats will be an epic game. i think the Texans will be good too they are on the rise also -- they just play in a tough division so I'm not sure if they would make the playoffs.

i also don't see the packers going 13-3. the bears are a lot better now with cutler... and hypothetically, good QBing from SOMEONE on the Vikings (dare I say favre?) makes them pretty scary. they have a great defense and an extremely explosive offense -- especially now with percy harvin. I see them going to the playoffs and getting deep.

i really hate to say this but the raiders are poised -- in theory /on paper -- to make it to the playoffs. i mean they have the pieces of a potent offense and 13-17 defense. they play in a terrible division, not too rough of a schedule. i could see 9-7 and getting berth. ew. i would be so mad if this happened but i mean... it's possible!

#1 Packers def. #5 Giants

#3 Patriots def. #2 Steelers

#1 Colts def. #4 Chargers
#2 Eagles def. #3 Cardinals

#3 Patriots def. #1 Colts
#2 Eagles def. #5 Giants
Originally posted by danimal:
This is my complete prediction...only to be changed by major injuries before the season starts.

AFC East
Patriots 12-4
Bills 6-10
Jets 5-11
Dolphins 5-11

AFC South
Colts 14-2
Titans 12-4
Jaguars 7-9
Texans 6-10

AFC north
Steelers 13-3
Benagls 9-7
Ravens 7-9
Browns 4-12

AFC west
Chargers 10-6
Raiders 8-8
Chiefs 3-13
Broncos 3-13

NFC East
Eagles 13-3
Giants 13-3
Cowboys 11-5
Redskins 10-6

NFC South
Saints 10-6
Panthers 7-9
Falcons 5-11
Bucs 4-12

NFC North
packers 13-3
vikings 7-9
bears 6-10
lions 4-12

NFC west
Cardinals 11-5
seahawks 7-9
49ers 7-9
Rams 4-12

#1 Colts 14-2
#2 Steelers 13-3
#3 Patriots 12-4
#4 Chargers 10-6
#5 Titans 12-4
#6 Bengals 9-7

#1 Packers 13-3
#2 Eagles 13-3
#3 Cardinals 11-5
#4 Saints 10-6
#5 Giants 13-3
#6 Cowboys 11-5

#3 Patriots def. #6 Bengals
#5 Giants def. #4 Saints

#3 Cardinals def. #6 Cowboys
#4 Chargers def. #5 Titans

#1 Packers def. #5 Giants
#3 Patriots def. #2 Steelers

#1 Colts def. #4 Chargers
#2 Eagles def. #3 Cardinals

#3 Patriots def. #1 Colts
#2 Eagles def. #5 Giants

Super Bowl
Philadelphia Eagles 16-3 def. New England Patriots 15-5

- Texans will win more than 6 games this year FOR SURE.
- The Cards will drop off. They might win the division, but not with 11 wins.
- The Falcons win only 5??? I know they caught some people by surprise last year, but their offense will be straight up POTENT this year.
- There won't / can't be FOUR ten-game winners in the NFC East. No way.
- Closet Raiders fan? EIGHT wins? Highly, highly unlikely.

LMAO, Cowboys, Saints, Cards, and Packers in the playoffs? Dude 1 or 2 of those teams AT BEST makes the playoffs. And the Titans aren't going to be as good without Haynesworth. Whatever though, these predictions are garbage.

lol at the Jets being 5-11. Their defense is going to be straight filthy this year.
Pats (if Brady doesn't get injured again).
The Cowboys are going to miss Owens. I only wish they had released him before we played them last yr.
Originally posted by XAnGeLicDiAbLoX:

at all these responses. You guys have it made in the shade just cherry picking certain predictions. Care to make any COMPLETE predictions of you own or just criticize?

Fact, in case you don't realize....for every win or loss you want to take from a team, you have to give that win or loss to someone else on their schedule.

Cherry picking is easy, my wife can do that...but can you actually make a complete prediction?

Obviously I don't expect to be right, I would quit my job and live off my winnings if I could. But if you have a suggestion I would appreciate some real criticism, not just one liners about a team that won't win 9 game or will. Actually look at their schedule and highlight what games they will win or lose.

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