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Frank Gore Thread

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Frank Gore has such good vision....I do think he's lost a step (speed & breaking tackles), but he thrives in s system that allows him to use vision rather than brute force. Not suprised he has the highest YPC in the NFC. I can't imagine what he would look like if he had Harbaugh in his early years....HOF....

Not only the NFC, only CJ Spiller has a higher YPC among qualifying rushers in the NFL. To your point, I never saw Gore as a big speed guy or tackle breaker even back in 06. He's always made his living with his vision and the ability to put a move on DBs in space
Gore was a tackle breaking machine his first couple of years. He never went down by the hands of one defender....some of his runs through piles of defenders are legendary. Not sure if someone has some good vid on him, but he doesn't have the same power he had. Speed was never his game, but he did seem to be in the secondary a lot more in the past.....I could be wrong on that.

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Man, thank you for that. I actually got a little teared up watching a young Frankie......
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Man, thank you for that. I actually got a little teared up watching a young Frankie......

truly a beast on the field
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Just hope he stays healthy for a long playoff run!
It's amazing how they've been able to limit his touches, yet he's been so incredibly productive.
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Offensively, our team is going to be so fresh late in the season compared to our opposition. Running backs only touching the ball 15 times a game. Good players not even making the top 46. Defensively, we may be much better than average too, if we have many more blow outs where they are on the field for less than 50 plays.
He probably would have more yards and TDs, but our running game gets many players involved. The 49ers aren't ranked #1 in rushing for nothing. Now Gore won't have to carry the load like he's done over the years. I know Gore is aging and all, but he looks like he could hit the gym a little more.
Best running back in 49er history... Period...
I really like that the coaching staff is working Hunter into the game despite how well Gore is playing. I hope it extends his career and I really think it will make him more productive down the stretch

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He had a lot of nice plays plays where he broke tackles on big runs but he was far from a tackle breaking machine. A good comparison is that you could look at a Barry Sanders highlight reel and find many clips of him breaking tackles and escaping piles on long runs, but he wasn't regarded as a great tackle breaker. I consider guys like Stephen Jackson and Michael Turner elite tackle breakers and guys like that usually have a low YPC

Gore is off to by far the best start of his career this year so I'm not gonna split hairs on whether or not he's broken into the secondary more this year than in years past but he is leading the league in 10 yard runs so that should say something

Couldn't break tackles? I can only assume you never saw him play.
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Couldn't break tackles? I can only assume you never saw him play.

I've been a season ticket holder since 1998 and Frank Gore has been my favorite player on the team since he was drafted. Please point to where I said he couldn't break tackles. I said that he wasn't a tackle breaking machine. He got most of his yards by making guys miss. Try understanding what you read before you put words in peoples mouths
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can you imagine the team now with a young frank... wow if frank now can get 5+ ypc frankie of old would be getting 6 or 7 +
I remember Harbaugh saying they ought to build a statue of this man in front of the new stadium. Seeing the kind of effort we're getting from him at this point in his career, after all the crappy years of losing he's had to endure, it really is inspiring and if there is any player on the team I'm more happy for with the recent success, it would have to be Frank (Alex is close behind).

I look at him as this generation's Walter Payton, really. Walter is one of the all-time greats, so I won't say outright that Frank is on his level, but Walter played with some of the crappiest teams through the first and best part of his career. It wasn't until Walter was just a couple years from retirement that the Bears got good and finally gave him a championship. I can only hope that Frank gets that same kind of send-off, although he better get a TD carry in the 49ers Super Bowl blowout over the Patriots.
We reduced his carries.

We lost by 23 points.
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