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Frank Gore Thread

Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I appreciate Frank.

Nice 800
any real niners fan knows that unequivocally FRANK GORE IS AWESOME!!! what a niner he is! thank whomever you choose to but I thank God for this guy! he deserves this newfound success more than any other on this roster though they all deserve it too

On the eve of a potential playoff-clinching win and Frank Gore 22 yards away from the all-time 49ers record, I thought it was high time to get this thread back into action.

In addition to my own jubilation, I'll be celebrating in honor of Frank tomorrow.
It's all too ironic and appropriate that he has a chance to secure that record, in front of a sold-out house in Candlestick, during a game that can secure a playoff berth for the first time in his SEVEN year career.

The man gives it his all, has battled and persevered through physical, emotional and mental obstacles, and has never quit once during a dark, dismal era for our beloved 49ers.

Here's to Frank Gore. The greatest running back in 49ers history. Bar none.
Did I mention he's extremely vocal in regard to fan appreciation.

He constantly mentions how much he respects/appreciates the fans and is glad the team is finally able to give us a product on the field that we can be proud of.

In my eyes, he'll go down as one of the most underrated players this organization has ever had. If they had an talented, functional offense around him all these years, he'd be making headway on NFL all time leading rushing numbers.

Frank Gore is everything one can ask/hope for in a football player. Consummate professional.

Dear Fank Gore......(In my best 2pac voice) are appreciated.....
Only 23 pages for Frankie? This thread needs way more attention!!!

Alex Smith (lets see if that works).
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Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Only 23 pages for Frankie? This thread needs way more attention!!!

Alex Smith (lets see if that works).

(Ears raise) ...Did someone say Alex?

Time for Frank to do his thing this afternoon!
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Originally posted by tohara3:
Time for Frank to do his thing this afternoon!

I feel the need for some foreboding music....

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Record time! Hard to believe that all the greats are about to be surpassed! And when they drafted Frank I thought, "Oh no! He had knee surgery!" Maybe Rachal can use...naw.
Gore, I knew you were special when you out-performed Barlow in your rookie year just buy how hard you ran with the ball. That and when you cried after seeing other Niner players laughing and having a good time after gameday losses shows your passion for football and for the team. I'm proud you're a 49er and helped get us into the playoffs. You deserve to finally reach the post-season and a chance for even more success and greatness. Niner-4-life!
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