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Frank Gore Thread

Originally posted by Jcool:
Leftys Sports ‏@LeftysSports

After suffering a broken hand early in yesterday's game, Frank Gore continued to play his heart out...

Tonight with his broken hand, Frank Gore shook hands, signed autographs and met over 250 of his loyal fans.

We are told that Frank Gore will have surgery tomorrow on his hand and hopes to be back in his Niner uniform later this year! #ClassAct

Damn I didn't know that. If we would of won we would of been limping into the super bowl
It's time to revamp the run game in general. Without the threat of Kap running the run game in my opinion wasn't as dominant as in years past. It's time to move on from Goodwin (who gets ZERO push up front), look at drafting a road grading O-lineman to help pave the way for our future runner. I believe Gore can still be a productive back, but no longer a featured back. His vision is better than any runner in the league, but his physical skills are not what they once were. Either draft another rb or pray the Lattimore will be the answer. Either way we have to revamp the ground game. Kap will continue to grow as a passer, but our identity/bread n butter is running the football.
You know, when we signed Brandon Jacobs last year (before he got hurt and got an attitude) I had a grand vision of what we could do:

Rotate through Hunter and Jacobs early in the game to wear the defense down. Just keep pounding away. Then, as the defense starts to tire, you mix in a fresh Gore. Then, after Gore has started gashing the gassed D, you start taking shots downfield. It keeps our best back fresh and dangerous, sets up the playaction passing game, all kinds of great stuff.

...then we never did it.
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he played yesterday with a broken hand.



Gore will rush for 2,000 yards next season
Originally posted by jonesadrian:
he played yesterday with a broken hand.




what a beast. this dudes heart cant be matched
Definitely knew something wasn't right with him late in the game. At one point, they showed him running off the field waving to get someone in for him and Hunter then played a bunch of downs. I thought it was unusual for Gore to do that but he came back in later and caught that 17yd pass so I thought maybe it was a stinger or something. Broken hand,,,,dude's a warrior.

And yea, hate to say it but kinda glad we didn't win. With the injuries to Bowman, Iupati, Gore and Staley (suffered a broken thumb in the 1st qtr), we would've been in a real tough spot against Denver.
Are you telling me a broken hand caught 4th and 2 on that final drive??

Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Are you telling me a broken hand caught 4th and 2 on that final drive??

so much heart on this team. Gore, Bowman, Staley all played through significant injuries at some point during this game.
It's a shame gore won't win a championship in a niners Uni. I hope he eventually wins one, even if it isn't with us.

he is our god, hail gore.

though, imho he could end up as a cap casualty this year.
no way that we pay him over 6 mio. given our tight cap space and the upcoming extensions.
all of this saving, and more, would be directed to aldon ALONE, imo.
then we still can and probably will cut rogers and dahl. would result in.savings of about 8 mio. and about 8 mio. will be there from the beginning.

at least boldin and kaep will receive new contracts and the rookies want to be signed as well.
do not want to be in baalke's place.
Originally posted by Gavintech:
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Gore will be our Mariano Rivera the next 2 years. Kap, Latti and Hunter will beat em up and Gore will close them out.

I like it!

I like it too, wish the coaches didnt give him such a heavy workload. We have so much depth at RB and I feel like we barely tap into it
Everyone is going to remember the 11 carries for 14 yards but there are circumstances around everything. Seattle was constantly in our backfield. Gore was playing with a broken hand. I think his carries will be reduced next year as we work Lattimore in. He isnt going to run for 1,000 but we wont need him to. he will get us 50 a game and pass protect. Next year is probably it though.
Gore will still be the best overall back on the roster & his experience trumps fresh legs.
RB by committee will probably be the norm, but I can't believe Gore won't be #1
Frank's final year of his contract (2014): $3.3 million (+ $3.15 million in bonuses)

does anyone know what those bonuses are?
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