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Frank Gore Thread

Originally posted by fryet:
Gore can't make any tacklers miss in the back field. Gore can't cut to the outside to outrun defenders. When I watch Lynch run, I wish he was playing for the 49ers. How often did we see Lynch make something out of nothing?

Lynch has a little less tread on the tires and our defense wasn't designed to totally shut him down as Seattle's was with Gore. Gore is at the point in his career where he isn't going to carry a team against a great defense while getting no help from the passing game. It doesn't mean he's done. Is he still an elite back? No, but he isn't average or done either.
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He needs to restructure his contract...otherwise, it's going to be tough to keep him on the roster. I'll be surprised if he doesn't restructure.

Lattimore is coming off a brutal injury and has yet to play a down in the NFL. How can anyone get rid of Gore because of Lattimore. Let's wait and see how he looks in practice. Hunter needs to get more touches for sure.
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He is 30. 30 year old running backs have no future, he is past his expiration date.
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
I think Gore still plays a role on this team, I definitely think he wore down as the season went on. He's still a good player but he'll have to share more carries with Lattimore and Hunter next season.

Agreed, don't think he has been helped by the Oline run blocking either though, the OLine has been pretty bad the latter half of the season.
Originally posted by Buchy:
Agreed, don't think he has been helped by the Oline run blocking either though, the OLine has been pretty bad the latter half of the season.

Never worse than today. Seattle front 7 got instant penetration into the backfield on every run. We couldn't handle their quickness off the ball.
Oline sucked ass last night but I'm to the point I want to see what a young determined hungry lattimore can bring. You give gore 10 carries on avg and let lattimore and hunter carry the rest. Or if gore is hot you continue to feed him same for the others, feed the hot hand. A big ass oline and you let slim ass de get through you like a hot knife through butter. Got damn it the whole offense needs a change
I think he has a $6M cap number. There's no way he's back at that price. Either he takes a huge pay cut or he's gone.

I should add that he's one of my all time favorite Niners and I really wanted him + Justin Smith to get rings :(
The line play was a joke last night and they underperformed all year. Gore is on his last legs, but the lines needs to be better.
I have a feeling we trade gore. He's done
Originally posted by HarbaughzDeep:
As much as I love Gore and what he has done for this team for years, he simply doesn't have it anymore. He has declined really fast this year and it is sad to see.

he not a consistant running threat anymore, he breaks off a big one here and there but just isn't consistant anymore, if we re-sign him it should be 1-2 year deal max and a reasonable price.

Originally posted by Broseph6:
I have a feeling we trade gore. He's done

hes a free agent isnt he lol?
i can see new england jumping on him if we dont
Originally posted by YungAce:
Gore has one more year left as a starter but we'll be mixing in Lattimore and Hunter for sure.
We have to...I don't want to see this one-trick pony again.
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We are not going to cut Frank Gore. We may ask him to restructure to help resigning our future core guys, but we won't release him.

I bet there's a higher chance he retires than actually gets released.
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While he would be worth a league minimum deal, I think it would be better to just cut him. To be honest, I think it is too hard for the staff to not start him. It would be viewed as disrespectful in the locker room, plus it always seems to end up that he gets the lion's share of the carries. Cut him, and the staff will be forced to determine who is the best between Lattimore, Hunter, and LMJ.
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