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Frank Gore Thread

Originally posted by 9ers:
How annoying was it when Aikman kept talking about Frank getting hurt at the end of the play when in reality Frank gave himself up, stayed inbounds causing the clock to continue to run ?! Very smart play by Frank that he didn't get credit for.

I don't know if he consciously stopped in bounds, or if he just passed out and couldn't make it out of bounds lol
Gore is still a gamer.
All our RBs have had trouble when teams stack the box. In the 4th qtr with the game on the line, I'll take Gore every time, not just our team, but of most of the top backs in the league.
As Frank cut past Earl & Dick and began running across the field I came off the couch like I'd been tazed. When the play was done, my buds had to pull me off the ceiling and get me a paper bag to control the hyperventilating. Still get a little woozy thinking about it.
Originally posted by verb1der:

f**king scary, I am going to have nightmares about this pic, thanks a lot Verb.
Originally posted by kray28:
I was pissed he didn't score.

Why? He did the right thing.
I let out a sigh of relief, especially when he got down before rolling out of bounds.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
i was jumping for joy at a local bar while flipping off the bandwagon seahawks fans. And i also gave them the suck it gesture. But i was really surprised to see frank just go down on the ground.

Once again, it was smart football.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
I was happy. I think I said, "Truly: this is a fortuitous development. I say, good show, Franklin!" I might have even imbibed in a celebratory tug from the snifter.

As is only proper for a gentleman of such refined taste and manner...I salute you sir.
That was the loudest I yelled this season (at least when watching it at home).

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Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Originally posted by kray28:
I was pissed he didn't score.

Why? He did the right thing.

He goes out of bounds on that play then you give the midget too much time to come back. It was the right move.
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My son and I leaped to our feet, yelling "go, go, go"! It was somewhat reminiscent of the SB...Gore makes the big run, setting us up in the RZ. Very exciting play, to say the least.
Know what I like about this thread? Not one SheHag fan has posted in here. It's free of verbal dumps. This is a good thing. A good thing indeed.
I had an oddly calm no reaction while my wife was screaming...its the regular season. we expect to beat seattle at home is what i thought to myself, this is what we are expected to do, now lets finish the game and move on

the real marbles will be on the line later
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